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Re: Graham's various postings - RESPONSE FROM HCS 1

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    ... Ford ... Hi Ya ll - this is a eckankar-flavored control drama if I ever read one. ... sites ... forth ... Anthropomorphic bullshit - misrepresenations
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2004
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      --- In X-Eckankar@yahoogroups.com, "al_zunki" <al_zunki@y...> wrote:
      > From Albert:
      > Response to Various postings Regarding One Publishing, HCS and
      > Johnson

      Hi Ya'll - this is a eckankar-flavored control drama if I ever read

      > Recent postings by Graham Forsyth and others on this and other
      > have been brought to our attention. The misrepresentations put
      > have compelled us to speak directly to these issues.

      Anthropomorphic bullshit - misrepresenations cannot compell you to
      do anything. You compell yourselves.

      > As a legal
      > researcher, assisting ONE Publishing, Inc. and the Higher
      > Consciousness Society, I was directly involved in negotiations and
      > communications with Graham Forsyth,

      The newest LEM/not LEM? The 14th Initiate Graham Forsyth?

      > both as it related to his book
      > and during his early association with Ford Johnson and HCS.
      > Graham has not only misrepresented the facts

      The latest Mahanta Consciousness is a liar?

      > but many of his
      > representations are patently false.
      > Grahams Involvement with Ford Johnson and HCS
      > I preface these remarks by indicating our collective regret that
      > Graham has chosen this public forum to air his grievances rather
      > dealing with them in a direct, professional, dignified and
      > spiritually uplifting way.

      The legal researcher is defining what is spiritual for a 14th
      initiate? You regret public communication because the dirty laundry
      should be kept private? First of all though I liked Ford alot in my
      eck-days, I haven't found any signifcant leverage after having read
      his book to hook up. I tried to sign up for your board anonymously
      and since you require my shirt size and shoe size and I didn't give
      it, I've been rejected. Whatever. It's smart for any person in a
      position of power NOT to play someone else's game. I'm sure Ford,
      et.al. is doing just that. The challenge arises when you narrow
      your own game so much (and it's a game based on other people playing)
      that it's difficult to play (not user friendly) that people often
      just don't play. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Lets read
      more of what HCS's legal research has to say...

      > Graham's journal was the starting
      > point
      > for a sequence of events, which led to Harold Klemp's rejection
      > of
      > his inner experiences. This, in turn, triggered Ford Johnson's
      > search for the truth behind Eckankar and other religions, and the
      > publication of his book, Confessions of a God Seeker. This book
      > impacted thousands around the world.

      Do you want a towel to dry off your mouth from having tooted the HCS
      horn so loudly or are you a compulsive advertising agent - just
      can't help but plug Ford's thing?
      > From the very beginning, the relationship between them was
      > positive.
      > In one of his first correspondences to Ford Johnson, Graham wrote
      > following communication:
      > "Dear Ford,
      > Firstly I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown
      > regard to the experiences that I have gone through. There is
      > more aware of their implications and sensitivity then I and, may I
      > say here, that it does not lay easy on my shoulders. There are
      > things that have been given which would be a cause for much
      > if they were given out openly. It is not my intention to do this,
      > never was, yet I have been asked to place these experiences in
      > of Sri Harold. When M__ V____, and L___ K___ spoke very highly of
      > you it seemed a good idea to approach you. At first I was
      > about what to give you, I honestly do not want to cause trouble
      > anyone, therefore, I was going to hold back on some of the
      > revelations. That was until M___ lent me a video of you giving
      > talks at Milton Keynes. Ford, I am not a man of words, or highly
      > educated, so if what I say now sounds false or funny it is because
      > my inability to put into words that which I felt towards you. On
      > seeing the video of you I was struck by your openness and the
      > in what you said. I know I was watching a soul who has the utmost
      > commitment to what they were doing. So struck was I by you
      > that I realized that if I did not return the same honesty I would
      > doing you an injustice, and that I could not live with." (Letter
      > to
      > Ford Johnson from Graham Forsyth, October 21, 2001)

      Letter of appreciation, seems to have been written contextually with
      a heartfelt theme...what's your point.

      > These words reflect a moment of openness, honesty and truth. We
      > were impressed with Graham's sincerity.

      The emotions card - lets all take a moment for group hug, what's
      your point?

      > We tried in every way to
      > involve Graham from the very beginning of the concept of HCS.

      ATTENTION READERS: Who owns the HCS "concept" - Ford. Who owns
      Graham's revelation - Graham. Just because you tried to involve him
      or he chose to involve himself doesn't mean HCS has strong integrity
      or Graham's best interest at heart, or the clearest view of what
      Graham's information means to the world. What it does mean is that
      Ford took a position and announced it to the world. And,
      contextually now it means that HCS attempted to involve Graham and

      > In
      > fact, he was the first person (besides his wife) that Ford Johnson
      > talked to about the idea. As the discussion proceeded, it was
      > thought

      "it was thought" - dangerous anthropomorphic words. Lacks
      ownership. WHO thought HCS would provide....

      that HCS would provide a platform from which both he and Ford
      > and all other truth-seekers could put forth their unique spiritual
      > insights.

      "and all the truth-seekers" LMAO - a heterogeneous metaphyiscal

      >Graham was offered the role as a founding member of HCS.

      That's nice and it didn't work out. "Addressing"
      these "misconstructions" as you call it is bad damage control on
      HCS's part. Most don't care or aren't that interested. The ones
      that might be are feeding off the drama. This kind of rebuttal
      keeps the drama going and the sincere interest in some spiritual
      truth becomes void.

      Harold once said something quite profound (in some contexts at
      least) and even though it's been 15 years since I was a player in
      eckankar, I still apply it when I can. "It's more important to work
      together than to be right." You should have found a way to WORK
      with 14th Initiate Graham instead of defaming or alienating him from
      your "game". Your spin doctoring is the equivalent of bailing out
      water from one end of the boat and dumping it in the other end.
      Your end is dry - the boat is still sinking.

      > Graham participated in several conference meetings discussing the
      > organizational structure of HCS and how it should be presented to
      > world. No problems or issues were presented by him during these
      > discussions.

      So fucking what - you have highlighted the very problem with
      philosophy (ideas that may not directly relate to reality).
      Something can sound good on paper and still not work in the real
      world. Working TOGETHER requires flexibility and a true
      appreciation of strengths and weaknesses.

      > He was in full support of the idea. In an early
      > communication regarding HCS, he wrote:
      > "Hi Ford,
      > ….Of all the things that the Higher Consciousness Organization
      > can
      > offer people, the highest is the freedom to be themselves, and
      > confident in being true to their own inner guidance. You said
      > it will be a movement that will last for eternity, I agree whole
      > heartedly with you, and the reason it will last for eternity is
      > because the real teacher will be the Higher Eternal Self and
      > Spirit. If the individual is taught how to find truth within
      > themselves, then noting can become outdated, for nothing is
      > down on paper, it is written into their own true being because
      > is their own true being." (E-mail correspondence between Ford
      > Johnson
      > and Graham Forsyth, December 16, 2002)
      > It was only later that he began to express some reluctance about
      > participation in the organization.

      As you give us this bright and shinning example of what HCS and
      Graham's relationship was...how many examples do you not give. How
      much of the story is untold? I don't want Graham or HCS to
      be "right" or "wrong". That's 5 year olds drama games. I want
      anyone I deal with to be strong and focused and capable. All this
      EXPLAINING of how it's someone's fault is not what I would view as
      CAPABLE. Ford, if you are reading this post - you need competent
      handler. If you pay well, I would consider the position, but not
      for the sake of "truth", but for the sake of a quality presentation,
      a FUNCTIONING organization, a needs-meeting process... instead of
      this pretty-picture bullshit that even mindless people get tired of
      paying attention to.

      As interest in Confessions rose
      > and as the BBs began to find an audience, Graham became
      > frustrated in part because of the emphasis on Confessions and also
      > because of delays we had encountered in editing and getting his
      > out. While he was originally concerned with his freedom to express
      > what he believed, communications with him allayed these concerns
      > he expressed the same in his note to us:
      > "Thank you for the clarification. Knowing that I can speak
      > freely
      > from my own center of understanding and that it will not cause any
      > more conflict is a weight off my mind."… "Having cleared
      > this up, I
      > am more at ease and will do all that I can to help in any way. As
      > a position in the organisation, please do not feel that I have to
      > placed at the center of things, I am more used to dark corners and
      > back rows." … "This is the biggest step that I have ever
      > had to take
      > in my life, but at least I can take it knowing that I can be
      > myself."
      > (E-mail correspondence between Ford Johnson and Graham Forsyth,
      > 17, 2002)

      Actions speak louder than words. Words often define intent, actions
      always define reality.

      > So, the claim that HCS has tried to limit Graham's freedom of
      > expression is false and is further evidenced by his voluminous
      > postings on our web sites. Graham, as all other truth-seekers, is
      > welcome to post on any of our BBs regardless of whether he is a
      > member or not.

      So you lump this 14th initiate in with all the other truth-seekers?
      You can't deconstruct what Graham "is" without deconstructing some
      of the basis of Ford's whole trip which is defined by his book.

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