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  • Sharon
    ... Oh! My daughter recently visited Tennessee, and absolutely *loved* it! She ll be traveling there rather frequently on business, and is looking forward to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      > Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:13:00 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Karen Hunter <karenhu2002@...>
      > Subject: yee haw!
      > Yee Haw! as we say here in Tennessee...

      Oh! My daughter recently visited Tennessee, and
      absolutely *loved* it! She'll be traveling there
      rather frequently on business, and is looking forward
      to taking the whole family on future trips.

      And my son-in-law was very happy to find that beer is
      sold *everywhere*! Here in PA, it can be inconvenient
      - you can buy cases at beer distributors, or pay
      higher prices for six-packs at bars & restaurants,
      although in some areas "six pack stores" which must
      also sell a certain percentage of food to be allowed
      to sell beer are popping up more often. And you're
      only allowed to buy the ounce equivalent of two
      six-packs at a time, which means you get more exercise
      making several trips to the car. <gg> Liquor is only
      available at "State Stores". Pa's laws especially
      confuse tourists from New Jersey, where beer is sold
      in grocery stores and mini-marts.

      One of the things I enjoy most about the internet is
      "meeting" people from different places, and just
      getting a more "personal" picture of them, even about
      silly little things like weather, growing season,
      local "customs", etc.

      > the garbage man is coming today and he will be
      > taking my eck discourses and mystic worlds with
      > him!!!!!! already sold my books at a new age store
      > several months ago...I was feeling a few qualms
      > about possibly paving the way for someone to join
      > eckankar, but saturday I went into the store and it
      > looks like he hasn't sold a single one!

      Congratulations!! And yes, doesn't it feel great to
      "houseclean"!!!! I felt absolutely *wonderful* when
      I boxed up all my stuff & had it waiting on the porch
      for garbage day, but actually I'm sort of glad that
      something popped up at a.r.e. & I had to look
      something up, and changed my mind & kept it all. It's
      all come in quite handy for internet "work" - and I'm
      also appreciate of everything other former members
      have sent me since I left, to complete my
      "collection". Thanks, everyone, and I *will* be using
      it all to get more info on the internet.

      I do agree with Sword, though, that it's also a good
      idea to sell MWs & discourses at Ebay. Just being
      able to overcome the cult's programming about keeping
      it all "secret" is very liberating!

      Oh - for those concerned that selling their eckstuff
      might possibly influence someone to join the cult, it
      might be helpful to just write a little "Beware of
      Cult!" note on the inside cover, with some URLs.

      > I hope the Mahanta's Revenge is not vented on
      > Patrick, the garbage man, for throw being the
      > instrument of throwing the discourses away, LOL!!!
      > Or maybe yes, since the rest of us have been blessed
      > since leaving!

      <giggle> Thinking about some of Klemp's silly "toilet
      karma" stories here - I think Patrick is safe! Really
      - when you look at it, it's quite obvious that if one
      swallows all that eck-karma-nonsense, the fact that we
      spent some time in that silly pseudo-spiritual
      protection racket must mean that we had some really
      heavy karma to pay back & suffer for! <gg>

      Well...I've just been totally ecstatic the past few
      days, because I've got a pair of sweet little
      black-capped chickadees building a nest in a
      "decorative" birdhouse on my heavenly little back
      deck! They're just *so* sweet, and I can't wait to
      see the babies!! Chickadees are so friendly and
      trusting, and not bothered at all by my close
      presence. Somehow, they seem to know that Paws, my
      old cat, is no longer capable of jumping even a little
      bit, even if she was still interested in hunting,
      which she's not.

      Gotta run - haven't seen my precious new grandson for
      two days (although we "chatted" on the phone
      yesterday) and I'm actually going through withdrawal!!

      Celebrate summer, everyone!


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