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  • brighttigress@yahoo.com
    Hi Blue Otter! Thanks for sharing - and this is *so* coincidental !! Just recently the subject of underground cities, tunnels, etc. came up in a private
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2004
      Hi Blue Otter!

      Thanks for "sharing" - and this is *so* "coincidental"!! Just
      recently the subject of underground cities, tunnels, etc. came up in a
      private conversation with a friend, and that also reminded me of the
      crystal skulls, which I came across briefly a few years ago but didn't
      have time to pursue. I've seen the "prophecykeepers" website before -
      yep, another thing I didn't have time to really dive into, and another
      one of the hundreds of bookmarks I've lost over the years.

      I'm thinking of starting an "Interesting Possibilities" folder in the
      "links" section here for things like this. Are you perchance familiar
      with: http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Lagoon/1345/Canyon.html -
      about an Egyptian tomb found in the Grand Canyon? Fascinating and
      *very* credible!!

      Because my friend couldn't open the "attached" copy of an article I'd
      sent about an underground city, I put it in the "Photos" section here
      at ET. Others may find it interesting. It was send to me a few years
      ago by another exie - however, I don't feel this article is very
      credible, to be honest. I'm not familiar with any of the sources
      referred to, other than Blavatsky and Brad Steiger, neither of whom
      are reliable IMO. Especially Steiger! Poor man, he owes a lot to the
      Twitchster for helping him out back when Steiger was starting out -
      and although it's pretty obvious Steiger seems to hope his authorship
      of Twitch's hilarious bio would disappear, it never will.

      I've always loved sci-fi, and it *is* fascinating how so much of it
      "comes true" with time! Things I read about as a child in the 50's
      that seemed totally fantastic are now part of everyday life!

      You find all kinds of people in e-kult, and many "believe" in a lot of
      "way-out" things to one degree or another. When I was in the cult, I
      found many fascinating possibilities just didn't fit in Twitch's
      version of history & "reality" so I'd more or less dump them, although
      other eckists don't seem to look closely enough to see all the
      conflicts with the "teachings" and a lot of their stranger other
      beliefs from elsewhere. One really extreme example of this is a.r.e's
      "Diamond Rose Sierra"! <ggg> If she'd calm down a little bit and get
      rational, she'd see that what she "experiences" totally negates her
      cultic beliefs.

      It's sort of like when I was a kid and my mother started studying with
      the Jehovah's Witnesses. Their time-line and historical &
      archaeological evidence just didn't agree, and when I'd ask about it,
      the JWs would just sort of blank out. That what cult members
      frequently have to do, because if they'd use the brains
      God/Creator/Whatever gave them, they'd realize their cult is a load of
      crap and just doesn't make sense.

      That's what's so great about getting out of the cult, and that dark
      little "eckanbox" where your mind is taken over so subtly and slowly
      you don't even notice. It's nice to be "me" again, and not a day goes
      by without being incredibly thankful! What an incredibly beautiful
      and fascinating world we live in!!! I'm especially glad to be rid of
      that depressing, negative, and generally condescending viewpoint of
      anything non-eck that the cult implants to keep members more focused
      on getting new members, although when I was in it, I naturally blindly
      regurgitated the cultic propaganda to others, and even to myself,
      thinking I was happy, blessed, etc.

      Anyway, I've also recently come across some interesting & I think
      helpful things elsewhere that I think would interest former cult
      members, or those who are questioning - but if I don't post them here
      right away they're going to get lost. Which reminds me - Colleen,
      I've seen some very interesting articles & stuff over at EX recently.
      I know cross-posting takes a bit of extra time which *none* of us
      really has, but I *do* appreciate it when things that would be helpful
      to a larger public audience are posted here. So..."sharing" is
      greatly appreciated!

      Well...Spring energies are flowing, and I oughtta get my lazy behind
      in gear here and do a bit of work!

      Take care, everyone!


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