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Re: Whar the heck is A.R.E. ?

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  • violinmike2002
    ... some ... Keep ... that ... truth ... the ... the ... that ... me ... the ... me ... dialougue ... my ... no ... Its ... But ... pleasure. ... oppertunity
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 31, 2003
      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "jerrycic" <JerryC@a...> wrote:
      > Hi!
      > my name is Jerry Cicierega
      > im 49 and as weird as they get.
      > I cannot verify thebehavior of the membership as it stands today.
      > The few friends that i have who are still in the group are the
      > finest of folks. They do not exibit the behaviors described in
      > of these posts.
      > The pollowing post was directed to the [eckankarhistory group],
      > that in mind:
      > I am currently not a member of the eckankar organization. When i
      > was however, one of the principles that i was attracted to was
      > it was recommended that i accept nothing as truth. That i was to
      > find out for myself what was the truth. I seem to remember paul
      > twitchell wtiting in many places that the student was to challange
      > what the master says at all times so that when i discovered a
      > for myself, it would be of my own experience and not what someone
      > else has said.
      > I think that it is good advice to find out for yourself what is
      > truth. I sugesst to you that the 'Santa Clause Effect' is that
      > majority of you in this group believe that you live on a planet
      > revolves around the sun. Or that the speed of light is constant.
      > How many of you have taken the time to question what is going on
      > arround you right now.
      > emerging out of the soup of the 60's including Eckankar and any of
      > the things that were going on in my life (especially music), for
      > was a voice that has contacted me from within the turbulence of
      > world arround and within me. I cannot deny what has happened to
      > nor can i explain it. It did come to me under the names of paul
      > twitchell, and darwin gross. But the essence of the inner
      > come from a much more primordial place.
      > I have seen a candle light itself. I have a witness who also has
      > seen it. I have had telepathic experiences with a person who was
      > friend in high school. We talked about it out here in the
      > physical. it lasted for about 10 days.
      > These minor experiences were only an introduction to what was to
      > come. The issue of plagerism and the origens of Eckankar are of
      > value to me. It is amazing to me how it all came about. But not
      > that it is a fraud. The amazement is in the fact that the forces
      > that be constructed it in such a way that it was usefull to me.
      > use to you may be only an excercise in historical flowcharting.
      > none of you have any clue as to what the tool is used for.
      > Life plays rough. we are talking life and death. pain and
      > War, alchoholism, child abuse, beauty, love and honar. We cannot
      > grow up before our time, but we cannot stop ourselves from growing.
      > To those of you who want to know more. dont worry, the
      > will fall in your lap. You cannot escape it. To those of you who
      > would try to deny my experiences, Good luck cause i cannot deny
      > them and beleive me ive tried. You not even close..
      > I laugh! who cares. Its the actual experience that cannot be
      > denied.
      > Good luck all of you. Have fun in your search. It is important
      > uncover what is being uncovered. It is a part of your search for
      > the truth. The truth is much bigger than this however. Much Much
      > Much bigger.
      > End of post
      > Even though im no longer a member of eckankar, i still am engaged
      > the grand specticle. And it gets even better and grander. Where do
      > fit in to your concepts of whats going on with eckankar>

      I hate to be blunt here because I did enjoy your post but
      the answer to your last question is I don't care.
      I don't have to fit anyone anywhere only be true to myself
      and what I understand as my creator.
      Elsewhere I have said though that it is a personal decision
      to continue to follow the mystic and "voices " as many people
      do including Shirley Maclaine but it is equally valid to
      go to a show it prove it status accepting no others experiences
      that we haven't had. Who made you such an authority on my or
      our "search anyway?
    • Sharon
      ... And I d just like to remind everyone, this link and many others can be found in the links section here. There s also good stuff in the files section.
      Message 2 of 8 , Sep 3, 2003
        --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Anne Walton" <AnneWalton@c...>
        > Here's a link to that group...the archives are open to the public.
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eckankarhistory/

        And I'd just like to remind everyone, this link and many others can be
        found in the "links" section here. There's also good stuff in the
        "files" section. I mention this in the current "welcome" letter -
        possibly some of the "older" members here haven't looked since they

        Often I've noticed questions which could be answered by the links &
        files, so I think it might help people if they'd at least take a quick
        look and get an idea of what can be found there.

        Laughing here - sometimes when I'm in a cranky mood I feel like I used
        to feel when my son asked for the millionth time, "Where's my
        underwear?" Finally I said, I pick it up off the floor or from under
        the bed, I wash it, I hang it out to dry, I fold it, and I put it on
        your bed. If you ask me again, I'm going to kill you. <ggg>

        But seriously, I think menopause is almost over...


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