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  • tarryrob@yahoo.ca
    Hi Sandra! ... though not expressed when I was in eckankar, I had these same unsaid doubts for many years in eckankar. I didn t dare ask questions, even with
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2001
      Hi Sandra!

      I'm glad you found the post beneficial. You said:

      > Thank you Tarryrob for your insights, it confirmed my wonderings-
      though not expressed when I was in eckankar,

      I had these same unsaid doubts for many years in eckankar. I didn't
      dare ask questions, even with close friends in the org. The "no
      questions," "no doubts, "self-surrender" rules were engrained in my
      consciousness. I'd still be in the org if not for the internet and
      the work of David, Lurk, Sharon.....

      nothing like a little distance to see more clearly. Something else
      too, my life has taken a much more positive course in the last few
      months. For years I 'depended' on the lem to show me my way..

      I still remember chanting my cares away! The eck bubble was a nice
      emotional escape! However, when I look at the personal,
      psychological and financial cost of staying in that bubble for so
      many years....whew!

      seems like a foolish path now,

      A little information can do wonders, huh! I only wish I'd had the
      foresight to do some research BEFORE becoming a member instead of

      still though, some of the buzz words pop in when I least expect it,
      like baraka bashad, mahanta..guess it will take time to delete all
      of the programming.

      They still sneak up on me as well, despite rigorous deprograming
      efforts. However, the eckankar "virus" was installed gradually and
      methodically , and I suspect it has to be removed the same way - with
      patience and persistence.

      So, I have deceided not to push myself toward change, just gently
      correct.. give myself room to manuver when the eck thoughts try to

      Being aware of the conditioning that has taken place is half the
      battle. Once we have that knowledge, we can begin to gradually
      deprogram while relearning to trust ourselves and others.
      > Even after all I saw, experienced, I do not hate eckankar.

      Each former member will have a diferent recovery process dependent
      upon factors such as number of years in the cult, level of
      involvement, level of formal education, psychological traits......
      Anger's a natural part of the recovery process. Former members
      certainly have a need and a right to be angry (many of us have been
      repressing our thoughts and emotions for a long time!). However,
      although expressing anger's therapeutic and justified, I think it
      becomes a problem if we remain in that state for too long. Carrying
      all that negative energy can eventually take a psychological toll.
      Some move through the anger phase more quickly than others.
      Eventually, we can get to the state where we can begin to see the
      good that eckankar had to offer (ie many of "borrowed"
      teachings/excercises came from legit sources). Once we've reach the
      state where we can objectively sort the good from the bad, we might
      be at the point where we can inwardly forgive (but don't forget -
      unless you want history to repeat itself)!

      It taught me (eventually) that God is not out there, It is in here.
      Was/is/will be..

      To use Mick's response, "Oh yea!" I'm glad you haven't allowed
      eckankar to ruin your belief and faith in God/s/higher power! It
      saddens me deeply when I see former members become so jaded and
      untrusting due to their experience in eckankar that they lose all
      faith. I think the lesson is to develop a healthy skepticism when
      chosing a new path or developing a new relationsip with God, rather
      than to become utter cynics and proclaim God doesn't exist.

      Thanks for posting, Sandra!

      have a great weekend

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