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  • Leland Roth
    See the town of Naj Hammadi where the Gnostic Library was found nearby & the Valley of the Kings. http://science.nasa.gov/ppod/y2003/02jun_votk1.htm A few
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2003
      See the town of Naj Hammadi where the Gnostic Library was found nearby & the Valley of the Kings.


      A few years back in 1945, near the town of Nag Hammadi, an amazing treasure trove of immense literary, spiritual value was stumbled upon by very ignorant peasant brothers carrying nitrates fertilizers in their camel's saddlebags on their way home. In discovering the jar around the boulders, they were terrified that it might contain a jinn (genie) inside! Indeed it did of a spiritual kind.

      Once the contents of the jar and the other jars found there eventually reached civilizes hands, they had been burned in an oven, scattered about & so forth. When the Jung institute of Zurich, founded by Carl Jung, Freud's former associate, finally got their hands on most of it 5/10/1952, it's long journey to it's new home in the Coptic Museum was almost over. Then junior colonel Nasser overthrew King Farouk in Egypt, 7/23/52, (my birthday, too:>) The charismatic leader Nasser by 1954 then proceeded to nationalized everything, including getting the Nag Hammadi Library antiquities all together in one place, eventually, in the Coptic Museum from their separate & far flung meanderings since 1945 which those now dead blundering peasant brothers chance discovery had diasporas so.

      So what's the big deal on this info here in Eckankartruth?

      It wasn't until 1977 that the first edition in English of "The Nag Hammadi Library" was published. Most of the Dead Sea Scrolls were published in English by 1955. What's the differences? Why did they take so long with the Nag Hammadi trove? Some of the others were even later, yet got published in English so soon.

      Once it was discovered that it wasn't orthodox Christianity material that was buried, Christian interest in it's contents evaporated. The Gnostic Library had been buried after the Council of Nicene in A.D. 325 threw out the heresies of Arianism, Appollinarianism, and certainly any Gnostic versions of reality.This was done with Constantine, the Great, Roman Emperor (which see in encyclopedia) complete blessings! Actually, one could say Constantine I had finally decided on his version of Christianity (which he, himself, probably never became!) in the Council of Nicene that would work to his benefit and then sent the Roman troops marching to eradicate any remaining heresy in his far flung empire!

      Thus, this Gnostic cache was, among maybe still others, was buried shortly afterwards in Nag Hammadi. It's current sect followers since those days are called 'Mandeans' in the war-torn area of Iraq & Iran which means 'knowers' or Gnostic according to the preface of "The Nag Hammadi Library" edited by James Robinson, copyrighted 1988.

      What's in it for Eckankartruth knowers? See next post by me:>)lee

      The Library contains several

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