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  • santmat@zdnetonebox.com James_Bean
    Dear New Member: I saw your post and want to welcome you. Hope you ll post more! Here s a couple of interesting links, and I see there s many more that Sharon
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      Dear New Member:

      I saw your post and want to welcome you. Hope you'll post more!

      Here's a couple of interesting links, and I see there's many more
      that Sharon has added to the links page of eckankartruth providing a
      great introduction and background.

      Peace and Best Wishes,


      False Paths, Part 1: Who appointed your teacher?

      False Paths, Part 2: Undoing the Damage........................

      False Paths, Part 3: The Making of A Spiritual Movement -- The Untold
      Story of Paul Twitchel and Eckankar, by David C. Lane

      --- In eckankartruth@egroups.com, tung_fu@j... wrote:
      > This is my first post on this site. I've read some of the posts
      > I'll try to decribe the following things quickly:
      > 1)When I joined Eckankar
      > 2)Why I joined Eckakar
      > 3)When I quit Eckankar the first time
      > 4)Why I re-joined Eckankar
      > 5)When I quit Eckankar the second time
      > 6)When I re-joined Eckankar the third time
      > 7)Why I was kicked out of Eckankar with a letter
      > 1)Early 1994 I joined Eckankar.
      > 2) I wanted off the planet and Eckankar offered a way off.
      > 3)November 1994 I quit Eckankar. I suffered a psychotic break and
      > Post Trametic Stress Syndromye. Two years of psyce-meds followed.
      > I fought in Desert Storm in 1990-1991 so I don't believe Eckankar
      > responsible for this, War hurts for real that's just reality.
      > Regardless of why I was trippin hard-core and had read forty plus
      > books and discourses by then.
      > 4)I have no idea why I joined again. That was 1995.
      > 5)1996 I had a vision of a Red Rose and a Gold Cross, right after I
      > ran into a guy who tutured me in Golden Dawn. No fees or anything,
      > he was just a friend who taught Golden Dawn out of previouslly
      > published Textbooks. So I quit Eckankar, standard western
      > magick seemed more healing.
      > 6)In 1998 I re-joined Eckankar again. I had completed the Golden
      > Dawn course and there were no more initiations left. Adeptus Minor
      > is it, it's the seventh one.
      > 7)A lady wrote from the Eck office and told me that I couldn't be
      > Eckankar until my life was in spiritual balance. I thought it was
      > strange because a spiritual teaching should balance my life.
      > Anyway I just do my routine Golden Dawn stuff and don't really
      > about it too much.
      > I want to make it clear that the guy who taught me the Golden Dawn
      > stuff learned in a group that charged money which he left. We kind
      > of helped each other out of each one of our cults respectfully. My
      > style spirituality is cross-referenced at Border's Bookstore.
      > where the materials I use come from. I don't pay any spiritual
      > groups money and The Golden Dawn officially disbanded in 1903.
      > Authors are my favorite.
      > I have gone back and read some of what I wrote when I first left
      > Eckankar and was thouroughly embarresed. All you have to do to
      > Eckankar (or any place like Eckankar) is to listen to your own
      > and read what you write.
      > I'll post to this site in the future. Go ahead and e-mail me. I
      > don't want to steer someone in any direction. Eckankar might be a
      > safer place than a lot I know about. It would be a shame to jump
      > of the frying pan right into the fire.
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