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Re: [eckankartruth] Justifying To Others or "Just Me & MY MIrror Tonite!"

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  • Leland Roth
    Actually, I liked your post and was hoping you were a (young) female. You didn t specify in your profile? I look like a 50 year old Sting with little hair: )
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2003
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      Actually, I liked your post and was hoping you were a (young) female. You didn't specify in your profile? I look like a 50 year old Sting with little hair:>) Better looking than Paul Olson, though. You? lee ps I'm an acquaintance of Dr. Brown from "Goldenfarts," too, & though, Living Eck Mistress Kata Daki hasn't showed up recently...she's real to me isn't she, Harvey & Al?

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      From: one_god_to_many
      To: eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2003 8:32 AM
      Subject: [eckankartruth] Justifying To Others

      Over the last couple of months I have been watching the tendency I
      have to justifiy my self to others, both to Eckists and Ex-Eckists
      alike. And I see what a mistake it is.

      Others will only support and agree with you if your opinion is the
      same as theirs. Since I decided to step away from Eckankar, Eckists
      that I had known for some time decided to stop talking to me because
      they were afraid I would influence them to do the same.

      Ex-Eckists that I tried to get togeather with refused because I would
      not join in their Eck bashing routine. What I was looking for was
      good open discussions about spiritual development.

      Eckists are not able to look beyond their own point of veiw and see
      the teachings of other groups believing that only theirs is right. Ex-
      Eckists have become so slanted in their Anti-Eck beliefs that they
      can only rant about how Eck hurt them.

      So where does one look for some spritual conformfort and
      understanding. I gave up Christianty because I was not getting what I
      needed, I joined Eckankar to abtain I wider point of view. I left
      Eckankar because I found the converations were to limited and
      directed only to one source, other sources were discouraged.

      Trying to get together with Ex-Eckists has been equaly frustrating,
      Ex-Eckist don't want to discuss spiritual issues, they are only
      interested in ranting and raving about how Eck hurt or in some other
      way damaged them.

      Has anyone Ex-Eckist or Eckist found any form of spiritual
      understanding or are we all wasting our time. Is anyone capable of
      carring a converation stating what they believe and why, or has
      everyone become so caught up in control that they can't think for

      I don't care what group one belongs to, or why. I in interested in
      developing a better understand of myself and the world I live in. It
      is disappointing that with so many educated, clearly intelligent
      people both Ex-Eckist and Eckist alike that none are able to think
      for themselves and hold a discussion.

      If you feel that as Ex-Eckists that you are more aware or better off
      that those still trapped in the Eck teachings, " YOU ARE WRONG ".
      You are every bit as trapped. just read your own posts. There is not

      I feel sorry for those still trapped in Eckankar and equaly sorry for
      those who suffer under the illusion that they have escaped. I have
      tried on more that one occasion to talk to Ex-Eckist and found it

      Spiritual development can't be found in Eckankar nor can it found
      outside Eckankar at least with " former members. " This experience
      has been totaly disappointing on both sides.

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