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  • Gloria
    I have been reading some of the posts and some of Darwin s side of it story, and I can t help comparing the whole take-over thing with what seems to be going
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2003
      I have been reading some of the posts and some of Darwin's side of it
      story, and I can't help comparing the whole "take-over" thing with
      what seems to be going on within our own government.

      I was in and out of Eckankar, and it was one of the "out" times that
      Darwin was kicked out. When I re-activated my membership and Darwin
      was no where to be found I wanted answers. I wanted the truth. I
      wanted to here from Darwin. I felt a little helpless because I knew
      I was not going to get the truth from any of the members. There was
      no where to get the truth. No official or unofficial place to go.

      Thanks to the Internet, Information is available... still. Thanks to
      clubs like this. I have sufficiently healed from my Eckankar
      experience and have been for years, so I did not feel the need to
      seek out groups like this. But when I learned of it, I came here to
      find some of the answers that were not available to me years ago.

      So far in this club I have only read bits and peices, and I would
      like to know if there is a story that is an overview or summarizes
      exactly what happened within Eckankar. You know, a quick and dirty

      I want to also tell people how concerned I am about the uninformed
      American public when it comes to what is happening within our
      government, how people are being spied upon, and silenced for the
      same reasons. These two situtions just seem similar to me.

      The shadow government running this country is much like a cult. The
      top leaders are all high ranking freemasons of the 33erd degree,
      practicing Black Magic. (Skull and bones etc.) The media is owned
      and controled by about six corporations. The house of Bush is moving
      to create a total police state in this country.

      Beware AOL. If you are using AOL find something else! They are
      owned by the very Powers that want to control the media and spy on
      everyone. Shop somewhere besides Walmart. Walmart uses products
      from China where they are made by slave labor.

      Anyway I have ranted enough for now. OH! One more thing. About those
      so worried about being identified by fanatic eckists and attacked..
      what can they do? What kind of attacking or harm can they do besides
      send you a nasty email? What have they done to others? I would be
      interested to know.

      Love Gloria
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