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Re: The karma club

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  • Sharon <brighttigress@yahoo.com>
    ... Hey!! Don t pick on worms!! I *like* worms!! So does Jeffrey, my turtle!! Worms perform a useful service, and if you don t have a lot in your garden,
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2002
      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "swallow472000 <Ejimbirds@a...>" <Ejimbirds@a...> wrote:
      > The so called individual path really means the personal trench
      > you get to dig yourself into in eckults backyard...thats the only
      > individuality they will tolerate. If you doubt that and your still
      > in your eckditch then on the next trip to your satsang ect just throw
      > in a few of your own ideas about spirituality or better still dare to
      > offer a challenge to the LEMons latest fads and fictions...then stand
      > back, because the karmic clubs will come swinging at you thick and
      > fast and they will want to beat you flat. They dont like questions
      > they dont have pat answers for and consequentially they need to
      > smooth out any bumbs. Only worms are tolerated in ecksoil for they
      > have no vision nor voice and therefore make the ideal co-
      > worker. jimmi

      Hey!! Don't pick on worms!! I *like* worms!! So does Jeffrey, my turtle!! Worms perform a useful service, and if you don't have a lot in your garden, you know there's something wrong. They're also good fishbait. And they're also great in the compost pile, if you're like me and not "into" all that "scientific" turning, heating up, etc.

      Okay, eckists *are* a bit like worms since they just take it in, and poop it out, blindly without thinking, except eckists don't poop "good" stuff like worms do.

      And actually, we shouldn't pick on the general membership. They just don't know any better. Perhaps the best thing we can do is pray for them, except that would really piss them off because they're taught that prayer is "black magic". So, we oughtta just pray that they'll find the truth, that God will awaken in their hearts and that true light will shine for them.

      Yes, it's definitely not a good idea to disagree or ask "delicate" questions. Some HIs are very good, and know how to subtly guide things in the proper cult way. But even if you're not going to that many eckthings, the books still cover dissension by explaining that doubts are put there by the master for spiritual growth, etc., or they're the voice of THE KAL.

      Recently I've been flipping through Twitch's original "Master" discourses. What a bunch of sick bullshit!!! The more I read, with a clear mind, the creepier I feel about the Twitchster. He knew *exactly* what he was doing, the little slimeball!!! I'm sure at some point in his life, in the early years, he was faced with making a choice between "right" and "wrong", and it's quite obvious that he chose wrong, getting deeper and deeper as he went along, and further and further from his own humanity. I think $cientology was the icing on the cake (or the cyanide in the Kool-Aid) and he was pushed over the edge of his lifelong malignant narcissism and uncaring selfishness, not to mention jealousy of just about everyone and everything else in the world, and his "bad" inclinations were polished off under the tutelage of that sicko L. Ron Hubbard.

      He did a lot of bashing of people and other religions, and had such a negative view of everything because, well...he was judging others by himself.

      What a pitiful waste of life, you know? And the funny thing is, I'm sure Twitch is in "astral hell" right now, thinking he's some kind of "godman", a victim of his own lies. Eventually, the guy is going to wake up and while I hate to think of anyone, even Twitchler, suffering like that when they realize what they've done, well...he deserves it.

      Well...have a happy New Year, everyone!!!


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