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Re: [eckankartruth] Brainwashing Stuff

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  • colleen russell
    Sharon, I haven t been reading my emails for a while, so just read your quotes and comments regarding Klemp. Thanks for submitting these. Mind control is so
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29 11:10 PM

      I haven't been reading my emails for a while, so just
      read your quotes and comments regarding Klemp. Thanks
      for submitting these.

      Mind control is so insidious, isn't it...that you and
      I and anyone else could put aside our common sense and
      critical thinking to accept the stories told by
      Twitchell, then Gross, then Klemp (those of us who
      were involved that long!) as "Godmen" above all others
      is hard to believe.

      Klemp's words are so grandiose..yet he maintains the
      country boy image which some mistake for humility.
      Anyone looking at these words clearly can see the
      truth behind the image and the organization called

      The state I occupied when bypassing my Self and
      extending my belief to the wild Twitchell et al. is
      just astonishing. And yet when I view the material
      you've presented, I'm again aware of how vulnerable
      we can all be to manipulation and mind control. It
      definately exists.

      Hope you're enjoying the outdoors this summer, Sharon.


      --- brighttigress <brighttigress@...> wrote:
      > (This is a good example of how we were programmed
      > with one thing "for members only" and the totally
      > contradicting things we revealed to the public.
      > I've found it *very* helpful to go over all the old
      > stuff, which seems so "different" since I've woken
      > up & shaken off the eckanfog. Another thing is...we
      > didn't even realize how so much of "the teachings"
      > was focused on RECRUITING!!! We were used, people!!
      > Bigtime!!!! All that love in our hearts that we
      > wanted to share was misused and misdirected in
      > service to a slimy cult & its pseudo-master and his
      > henchmen!!!)
      > From "The Mystic World", Winter 1987 (page 2: "The
      > Mystic World is a confidential publication for
      > students of ECKANKAR ONLY and is not to be made
      > available to the public.)
      > by Sri Harold Klemp
      > For years we've bent over backward to say in the
      > same breath that we are a spiritual teaching, yet
      > not a religion. ECKANKAR is, in fact, the New-Age
      > Religion. The ECK Itself is not a religion, of
      > course, because It is the Audible Life Stream. But
      > when "ECK" is used in place of ECKANKAR, then we can
      > well call it the new religion of the age.
      > (Sharon comments: damn, wish I'd run across this
      > one ages ago!! There has been *so* much discussion
      > at alt.religion.eckankar, where cult members
      > frequently claim a passage quoted by "apostates" is
      > referring to ECK as "Holy Spirit", not the
      > organization ECKANKAR. Isn't it wonderful that no
      > more discussion will be necessary, since Klemp makes
      > it quite obvious that when eckies here say that a
      > particular passage like "on the path of ECK" refers
      > to *anyone* who's sort of "into" "Holy Spirit" - not
      > just card-carrying cult members, they're wrong.
      > Klemp states quite clearly: ECK means ECKANKAR, the
      > org.)
      > An issue that many ECK initiates still need to deal
      > with is how ECKANKAR differs from all other
      > religions. It is certainly not an orthodox
      > religion, although it is a religion.
      > (SamOrez - this connects with something you wrote at
      > a.r.e. recently as I was going through the usual
      > 300+ backed-up posts here, you said something about
      > how In The Beginning <g> it *was* a sort of personal
      > independent spiritual path, or words to that effect.
      > You know, I want to *puke* when I see some of you
      > "oldsters" who were there in the beginning write
      > stuff like this!!! Fer crissakes, don't you realize
      > that Twitch set it up as a for-profit religion with
      > himself as "God" from Day One? It seems to me
      > that you're still hanging on to that illusion Twitch
      > created. Klemp hasn't changed *anything* - he's
      > only fulfilled Twitch's plans!!!)
      > The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One, makes an
      > interesting comment about the relationship between
      > mainline religions and the Godman, the Living ECK
      > Master. The two are not in violent opposition to
      > each other, as mental purists in ECK would like to
      > think.
      > (Don't feel like expounding on the above right now,
      > but this is sick shit. Do you know what he's doing
      > here? He's "putting down" members who have
      > momentarily unfogged themselves, and dared to
      > "question" the nasty eckquotes in the cult's
      > "scriptures". Think about it, really!!!
      > Now...hang on here, because what's following next is
      > *really* extremely sick, arrogant, horrible
      > eckshit!!!! And THIS sick eckshit is what they
      > REALLY believe - not the "official" pablum they
      > barf for the public. Remember, what I'm posting
      > here is the MEMBERS-ONLY stuff!!!)
      > Says The Shariyat: "In the end he (man) will learn
      > that all religions established so far throughout the
      > world have their origin in the Godman, the Living
      > ECK Master who comes to this world, lives among
      > humanity, and guides all footsteps to the Kingdom of
      > God. Every religion in this world is a living
      > testimony to this sacred truth.
      > (And they say they don't think Klemp is God
      > Incarnate???? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!)
      > (And Rev, if you're reading this ----
      > --- hope you & Michelle are still living happily
      > ever after!!! Much love to you both!!!)
      > There is clearly a close tie between the Godman and
      > the religions of the world. In fact, The Shariyat
      > gives the Godman of the times credit for
      > establishing each one of them.
      > (Do you believe this????????????????????? Note,
      > for those who are still a bit fogged - the "Godman"
      > Klemp is talking about is the Living ECK Master,
      > who at the moment is Himself.)
      > There is clearly a close tie between the Godman and
      > the religions of the world.
      > (Another comment from me - wow, does anyone else
      > notice how he's referring to himself as "Godman"?
      > Do you see how this works, how he's manuevering,
      > manipulating, making it quite clear who & what he
      > wants cult members to believe he is?)
      > In fact, The Shariyat gives the Godman of the
      > times credit for establishing each one of them. He
      > brought forth a new religion from the warm ashes of
      > fading religions, which had lost the original ECK
      > doctrine of Light and Sound. The light of these
      > religions had flickered and gone out, and so they
      > could no longer serve their people.
      > (Remember, Klemp is the "Godman of the times".
      > *This* is what "members-only" are given. It's not
      > the same stuff they post for the public, is it?)
      > Hugs,
      > Sharon

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