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  • brighttigress
    Hi Everyone!! Got a private email this morning (have patience - I m working on the reply!) asking if ET were dead (or words to that effect) - well, if
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 26, 2002
      Hi Everyone!!

      Got a private email this morning (have patience - I'm working on the reply!) asking if ET were "dead" (or words to that effect) - well, if anyone feels like posting, please post!!

      So, I guess since this is "my" forum, I'm supposed to keep it hopping or something. Well <giggle> I just don't feel like posting anything right now! Which is sort of too bad, since I've been having such a lot of just absolutely wonderful happy & thankful thoughts I'd like to share! And...I'd *love* to chat & share the newest delight of my life - the Maine Coon Cat I've *always* wanted, who recently magically appeared in my life!

      But...I just don't feel like it. In a "good" way, actually!!

      Okay - just one "quickie" that had me ROFLMAO!! Sweetie is still being "trained" and is still looking at Spike (the cockatiel) the way I look at chocolate ice cream. (except "Death by Chocolate", which is *way* too much, especially in summer!) Today's "training session" (while Days of Our Lives is on - and satellite TV is *so* wonderful because us East Coast people can pick it up three hours later!) was hilarious. Spike was walking around on the glass-topped coffee table, while Sweetie crouched under it, looking upwards.

      Well...after awhile Spike perched on the edge of the table, with his tail hanging over. Sweetie pounced, and at the same time I whacked the floor loudly with the flyswatter and yelled "NO!!!!"

      We'll see what happens! When someone's home, Spike is let out of his cage (he screeches if you don't!) and he "trained" the other critters ages ago. They're scared to death of him. <ggg> What's especially funny is the way Sweetie & Spike mirror each other, stalking, watching, waiting for the right moment to attack...

      Well, okay now, I'll some cultstuffduty here...actually, for quite awhile I've been thinking what I should do is re-post good stuff from a.r.e. here, because not everyone frequents the cesspool (can't blame 'em!) but for the time being, I ran across a good one over at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freedomofmind that was, not surprisingly, also applicable to e-kult.

      You know, I think it's a big help to not go from the eckanbox to the execkanbox. Some may have a tendency to carry over the self-absorption we get in the cult, which may be from one extreme to the other (underserving of cult member status to arrogant high-holey-hypocrital-fundie-fanatic-eckthug type), and I found it quite helpful to learn that my experience wasn't really that "important" or earth-shattering, or whatever - like "reverse-ecky" - but it was an experience that is common to "exes" in a multitude of cults.

      Well...here's the repost!


      Message: 2
      Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 17:50:00 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Boz Martyn <bozmartyn_1@...>
      Subject: Quotes from THE GURU PAPERS about A Course In Miracles

      A friend sent along these quotes about ACIM from the
      book THE GURU PAPERS: The Masks of Authoritarian
      Power. I'd never read them before, but they express
      perfectly with what I've come to believe about the

      What is not noteworthy about the Course is its
      worldview, which is not essentially new, but a mixture
      of Eastern mysticism with Christian love and
      forgiveness. Of more interest to us is its claim of
      not being authoritarian."

      "Daily repetition of the lessons is said to eventually
      bring forth one's own 'Internal Teacher' which in
      turn, without any external authorities, will lead one
      to truth. It is assumed that everyone's Inner Teacher
      will say pretty much the same thing as the channeled
      voice of the Course. This claim is worth examining
      because under the guise of presenting objective truth
      that any seeker can find, what is actually going on is
      the age-old ploy of authoritarian indoctrination: A
      worldview is presented by an unchallengeable authority
      as the truth to be found. Then practices are given
      that reprogram and condition the mind to that

      "The Course is but another revealed (by an
      unchallengeable authority) renunciate ideology that
      separates the spiritual from the mundane, the pure
      from the impure, the selfless from the self-centered.
      It says listen to your own voice, but programs what
      your voice will say by taking away the validity of
      experience, reason, thoughts, and disapproved of
      emotions. Like gurus, it then fills the vacuum it
      creates with its own renunciate worldview offering the
      same coin of eternal bliss. Nothing could be more
      authoritarian, for who could argue against a
      disembodied spirit with the credentials of a
      traditional God?"

      "When challenged, adherents often cavalierly reply,
      'Do the lessons and you'll see for yourself. Besides,
      you can't know the Course or criticize it until you
      try it.' From our perspective, this confidence merely
      shows that those willing to be programmed get

      THE GURU PAPERS reviewed
      - at Cultic Studies Journal from the AFF: Joel Kramer
      and Diana Alstad
      - at ex-premie.org:
      -at Resources for Independent Thinking
      - at Fellowship for Intentional Communities
      - at Amazon.com, w/ purchase info:

      - Boz


      Freedom of Mind, BTW, is a public, open group. As I mention in my "welcome" letter, I also highly recommend a private forum for ex=members of all cults: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/excultsupport
      - and of course, Colleen's "Execkankar" yahoo forum. And also, if you haven't checked out the bookmarks & files sections, you may have missed something!

      Gotta run!!

      Enjoy Summer Hugs!!!

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