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Re: [eckankartruth] Re: New truth

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  • John Hellyer
    Sharon, I ve seen the book you mentioned but don t own it. If it goes into too much detail, scrap it. My personal favorite is Zen Speaks by Tsai Chih Chung
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      I've seen the book you mentioned but don't own it. If it goes into too much detail, scrap it. My personal favorite is Zen Speaks by Tsai Chih Chung and translated by Brian Bruya. It is an irreverent (Zen is just that) approach to Zen Buddhism done in cartoon format. The art work is superb and illustrates the concept very well. Remember Zen is a study in NO thingness The subtitle of Zen Speaks is Shouts of Nothingness.
      Perhaps Planet X will someday collide with earth. In the meantime, I will continue to ask the "Apacolypse Now" crowd to sign over their worldly goods to me effective the day they predict the rapture. (gg) Funny how I've never had any takers. Heck, they can't take it with them, what's the problem?
      Mantra chanting can be silent, in groups or in a state of aloneness. I like the Tibetian national mantra Om Mani Pedme Hung meaning; "All hail to the jewel at the heart of the lotus"-all hail, in other words, to that enlightened love-consciousness that waits to be uncovered and lived at the core of our being." This from Andrew Harvey 's book , The Direct Path. The lotus is the heart chakra.
      Peace to all,
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      > > Larry,
      > could you make the writings of Neville Goddard available to me?
      > > John
      > Certainly John,
      > I am checking copyright laws now to determine if I should put
      > them in the "Files" section or email them out individually...
      > I have no desire to get this group in trouble! :D
      > For now, please email me at yahoo, I'll get your return address
      > and send you what I have....
      > -Yo Bud
      > -Larry ( Three Cheers and a Tiger for YOU John! )

      Sorry, Larry, I forgot to change your "no-moderation" setting...I'll do it next! This one looks like a repeat of the one I just approved ...

      Don't worry about getting "the group" in trouble, because actually I'm "the group" and responsible for it, I think. But if the Neville works you have are currently copyrighted & not being handed out freely, well, it's just courteous to ask permission. If this stuff is elsewhere on the internet, perhaps you could just post the URLs.

      I posted verbatim an out-of-print "Letters by a Modern Mystic" by Frank Laubach at a.r.e. - I found it for practically nothing used, autographed no less!! A "Google" archive search with the title as subject will pull it up - I forget which email address I was posting with. Anyway, okay maybe this is rationalizing but I figured anyone who read it & liked it (like browing at Barnes & Noble) would love it as much as I do and buy it ... it's been republished as one volume with Brother Lawrence's "Practicing The Presence". Let's face it, books are *much* easier to handle than computer printouts!!

      Which reminds me, I hope everyone checks out the "files" and "bookmarks" section every so often - I was pleasantly surprised recently to see some excellent links added, but don't think I remembered to post about it here.



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