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  • brighttigress
    Hi Everyone! I don t know about everyone else, but I get a lot of spam - most of it in that gibberish that I think is Taiwanese or something. Anyway, this
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      Hi Everyone!

      I don't know about everyone else, but I get a lot of "spam" - most of
      it in that "gibberish" that I think is Taiwanese or something.
      Anyway, this morning I was a bit surprised to open my "inbox" and
      find a dozen "spam" posts there - usually they get filtered to "bulk

      If anyone else has this problem (or even if you don't...yet), well, I
      was very glad to find the following posted at another forum. I
      checked my account, and sure enough, all categories were
      checked "yes". The following explains:

      Yahoo has changed the email preferences on all Yahoo accounts
      to accept "newsletters", i.e. spam, on each of over ten
      subjects. :( If you have a Yahoo email address, your
      have been changed. Yahoo did this without giving any notice to
      its customers -- I found out through the attached newsgroup

      If you have a Yahoo account (a Yahoo email address), better log
      and change the settings back. Here's how:

      1) Start your web browser and open the following URL:


      2) Click the Account Info link at the top right hand of the
      page. (It's just to the left of the Help link.)

      3) Verify your password. (It asks me to, anyway.)

      You will be taken to a page with your "Yahoo ID Card"
      under the usual Yahoo stuff at top. Halfway down the "Yahoo
      Card" is a hyperlink titled "Edit your marketing

      4) Click the "Edit your Marketing Preferences" link.

      You will be taken to the new Edit Marketing Preferences
      It contains a list of several categories, some of them
      "Exclusive offers, online sales, and shopping tips on
      (Yeah, talk about a spammer's dream.) :(

      To the right of each new marketing category are two radio
      buttons labeled "Yes" and "No". If you are like me, EVERY
      CATEGORY has been set to "Yes", regardless of your previous
      preference settings. :(

      5) Click "No" beside each category you don't want to hear
      (All of them, for most people, I assume.) :)

      6) In the Delivery Options section, reset the email address in
      "Email Delivery" to one you don't care about having

      Yahoo ignored your wishes once. They'll do it again, sure
      as the sun rises.

      7) In "Other Delivery", reset your "via U.S. mail" and "via
      phone" settings to No if you don't want telemarketing calls
      or junk mail from Yahoo.

      If they have your actual phone number or address, I
      clicking the URL and changing your phone number to either
      Yahoo's own switchboard or (408) 555-1212 :) and your
      to something blatantly and obviously non-existent.

      8) Click the Save Changes button at the top right-hand of the

      Yahoo will take you to a confirmation page indicating that
      your edits have been saved. You can now sign out or do
      whatever else you want.


      You know, I don't object to advertising because it's what pays for
      most internet services...but there's a limit!

      Anyway, I hope everyone has a very nice Easter or Passover or just
      plain "Sunday" - which I always sort of keep as "family day" no
      matter what else I happen to be involved with! I enjoyed many
      expressions of worship & spirituality, and I do like to honor both
      Easter and Passover in my own way.

      Think Spring!!


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