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Re: [eckankartruth] Psychis Attacks

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  • rc1tn@aol.com
    Hello Connie, Would you please reveal a little more information about the dreams ? What were the people wearing ? What race were they ? Adults, children, or
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2001
      Hello Connie,
      Would you please reveal a little more information about the dreams ? What
      were the people wearing ? What race were they ? Adults, children, or couples
      ? Teenagers ? Did the experiences happen at night ?
      I remember one dream I had about 5years or so ago. I was with a beautiful
      blond lady and being together, not just sexually, gave me the greatest joy I
      have ever known. The relationship was marvelous ! Later I learned that the
      dream symboligies was a reflection of a much higher experiences. During that
      particular dream journey the true experience was about a perfect balancing of
      my yang/yin, masculine/feminine qualities of my divine self. I honestly
      believe that some sexual symbols reveal that energy or energies were active
      during an experience.
      Drugs are another issue altogether. In a group sharing drugs. Again if you
      wish, would you describe the drug use and how were they taken and how the
      people appeared, and was there one person who seemed to captivate your
      attention more throughout the party ?
      I wish for your sake that I could be more helpful but a missed symbology may
      be a clue to solving your dreams.
      Do you have any knowledge about protection during a dream journey ?
      No, I do not assume you are crazy, but for me it helps ! LOL

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    • Sharon
      Hi All! I m not reposting Randy s simply for space...but you know, Randy, you made some good points here. Although personally, since getting out of the
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 3, 2001
        Hi All!

        I'm not "reposting" Randy's simply for space...but you know, Randy, you made some good points here. Although personally, since getting out of the cult, I prefer to use simple common sense and "rational" things I've used in life and don't feel it necessary to play around with dreams or any *other* "new agey" eckstuff, mostly...when I was in the cult, well...I put the acceptable pro-cult "ecksplanation" on my dreams. Taking another look at them when I got out, well, I *did* think they were trying to tell me something. I've posted in more detail at a.r.e., but basically, in my first one with Klemp the *real* meaning was BAD...he was putting me in a dark,windowless room. And the one about Twitch leading a sick twisted parade...

        But...back to Connie's, she wrote:

        > I have been having severe psychic attacks since leaving eckankar I can't
        understand this realy I was only in the cult for little over a year since I
        have been seeking out advice posting speaking this has been going on for 3
        nights its kinda funny that during my time with the cult I probaly had about 20
        or 30 OBES all good I might add however since I realy made up my mind to turn
        away and become a Christin this is strange I have seen souls in my room very
        weird also myself and others donig drugs which I am not involved with have sex
        dreams with woman where I assure you I am a straight woman my teeth falling
        out up waking up in the middle of the night screaming I LOVE GOD

        Just some thoughts on your dream...maybe this isn't a "real" attack, just yourself trying to get
        through, so there's a struggle between your "eckself" and "you"? (Oh, I'd like to add that you
        studied & *lived* "eck" for much longer than the time you were a formal member, but others don't
        know that. I myself thought geez, just a year of it shouldn't have such strong after-effects.)

        Well...the conflict maybe *is* all "you".

        The drugs? Maybe you were seeing yourself in a group of eckists? I (and others) have, indeed,
        compared the cult & its practices to drugs & addiction.

        Maybe sex dreams with a woman...is your making love to yourself?

        Teeth falling out....okay, an old saying, something about an argument having no "teeth" to it...
        maybe this symbolizes the cult taking away your own personal power?

        Well....just hang in there, Connie. Whatever all this is (because how can we *really* know
        anything for sure), except you *can* know that it *will* pass.

        You know, I just had a sad thought about some people, who maybe experience the first little bit
        of "aftereffects" and run back to the cult again. Now *that* is a sad & scary thing.

        I remember, in fact, the first time I resigned, and went running back a few days later. I vaguely
        remember how I felt those few days...sort of floundering, sort of like being in a foggy room, not
        knowing where I was or where I was going. I wasn't afraid....just unsure....maybe testing or

        I'd like to post more about my personal experiences with "other" paths since I left....it wasn't like
        blindly "seeking" and rushing back into something, although the strongest likelihood would have
        been Catholicism, except <giggle> there's a bit of arrogant elitism & "highest path" stuff, and
        some of that "fear & threat" stuff, although 99.9% of what I experienced there was incredibly
        loving & stuff. Yes, I still consider part of myself Catholic in the sense of a lot of Catholicism's
        "parts" and....if & when I feel like it, I can go to Mass, and participate in the sacrament of the
        Eucharist and anything else I feel like, according to my own conscience, which is just fine.

        And if I were going to "join" it would be to enroll once again in the Self-Realization Fellowship's
        "lessons" ... I got them, looked at them, loved them, but...busy with other things. I have no
        problem recommending it, although some get "cultic" about it, well...it's different. It's a *good*

        And a major part of my heart will always be independently "Wiccan" because I just like magic &
        candles & herbs & stuff. And nature & trees & all. I'd say most of my heart is "pagan".

        Well....I've got to run. And Connie...I think you'd really like the ex-cult-support group here at
        yahoo. Somewhere on your "mygroups" page there should be some kind of search thing. Just
        type in the name. If you can't find it, write & let me know & I'll go there & write down the precise
        "instructions" for you.

        Love & Hugs, everyone...and THINK SPRING!!!


        PS...Now, this *is* funny!!! I started replying right here, then flipped over to my "write" program, after failing to stifle my English "editing" gene and doing a little "motherly/grandmotherly" thing on poor Connie, who already knows how I am about using periods, etc., although I try to stifle, then I went back & added punctuation and cyberslapped myself publicly for doing it & explained it's just my own personal little "quirk" and my kids, grandkids, and the many who I've helped with writing papers understand & appreciate it, but I *should* stifle here because it's not relevant. Anyway...in the process of cutting & pasting all that stuff got lost. But I *did* go through and "fix" Connie's post & just doing that made me feel *much* better...but it just goes to show me it's not that important to anyone but me. You know...it's one of those things like the "correct" way to put your toilet paper on the roller. When it comes to toilet paper, I usually don't bother & just leave it on the counter. <gg>)
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