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  • Julie
    I read with interest the postings, and am totally convinced that I have made the right choice to forget any and all religion. I have gone to the web sites and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2001
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      I read with interest the postings, and am totally convinced that I have
      made the right choice to forget any and all religion. I have gone to the
      web sites and find them excellent. I cannot find the a.r.e site, and if
      you can email me personally, I would appreciate it. I also wanted to have
      the gentleman who is doing a book to re email me with his address, so I can give
      him what ever information I have. Maybe it will help. The only thing
      I didn't care to "visualize" was the comment about "Chihuahua's" LOL

      I have a beautiful little girl and she does not bite at peoples


      Hi Julie!

      Thanks for posting, and to save time & space I'm adding my "response" here
      before "approving" you.

      Glad you liked the websites...a.r.e is the usenet newsgroup alt.religion.eckankar -- your ISP probably provides newsgroups, and
      your browser probably is able to receive them. It's usually in
      the same "thingie" as where you read your email, if you do it through your browser, where it says "news". Or you can go to:


      and read it there, except I personally think it's a bit slow & awkward

      I know what you mean about forgetting any and all religion, except I've
      reverted to my "old" ways and it depends on my mood of the moment, if I'm
      in a "religious" mood I can sort of make up my own & pick what I like from
      various places. Mostly, I think religion is better being a "personal"
      thing inside ourselves, except if we so choose, we can use an "outer" religion to sort of express what's inside us, but I certainly don't think we need to
      "follow" any particular one if we don't want to. I have no problem with Christian services, enjoy them actually, especially the Catholic Mass...I'd like to go to Jewish services one day, also to a Quaker meeting, and other
      things. That is, on the days I'm not being an atheist or believer-in-aliens!

      I don't know who's writing the book, but because the internet is basically
      quick & easy & accessible to so many people, I hope you'll post whatever you have to say right here....if there's a lot, feel free to put it all in one "file" and upload it to the "files" section here, and then the bookwriter
      can "compile" it for the book. I'll be "compiling" a lot of stuff for the
      website...I plan to do it over the winter months.

      <giggle> Don't take the Chihuahua joke personally, please...I have a sort of perverse sense of humor, and like to make fun of Chihuahuas & yappy little poodles, but I've known nice ones. <ggg> I am *so* bad, not long ago I stopped to pet an adorable little Yorkie on the street, and the KAL possessed me and I said something about "Rottweiler food". I was immediately horrified
      at myself, but the Yorkie's owner just laughed.

      Speaking of dogs, you know it's a darn shame that people sort of stereotype dogs, of course I add to it with bad jokes. Take Pit Bulls, for example. A lot of shelters euthanize them immediately, even if they seem "nice", and don't even try to find homes for them. Well, I've known some absolutely adorable & loving pit bulls. On Sunday, in fact, I was visiting some friends who have one, and Sammi is one of those disgusting luvvy-duvvy face-licking dogs. Her parents constantly tell her to stay off guests' laps, but I just laughed and said it's okay and let her climb all over me, but I tried to not let her lick my face. I'm just one of those people who doesn't like it. Nothing personal. And I've known some adorable Rotties, too.

      I used to have a German Shepherd who did a totally awesome "mean dog" act for
      strangers, and then she'd turn to me and grin, and practically wink, just
      laughing at how she scared people!

      My Noodle barks at visitors, but there's no way anyone would even think he was vicious...he's a medium-size dog, so he barks. If he were little, it would be
      yapping. Anyway...it's annoying, but once the visitor pets him and says "I love you, Noodle" he shuts up. Some men don't like to do the ritual, and it's pretty funny at times, but I tell them they gotta do it or Noo will *never* shut up!

      Hey...it's a *glorious* day here, and I hope everyone everywhere is enjoying the beautiful fall sunshine & delightfully changing foliage!




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