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8500Re: [eckankartruth] Fw: "We Met" For Our High Demand or Cult Recovery Interactive Website Project

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  • Pete Chown
    Dec 10, 2013
      Hi Sharon,

      I don't think I'd be able to contribute much to the website, but I would
      like to see it when it's done, and...

      > I get really creeped out, every so
      > often I'll see a TV ad for ekult - hopefully they're losing money on
      > those ads!!!!!

      I've been wondering what happens when a cult has money but very few
      members. Perhaps that's the case with Eckankar these days. They have
      money left over from 'better' times, but most of the members have left.
      In that case I suppose the logical thing is to spend the money on a
      marketing campaign.

      I think Scientology could find itself in the same position. They seem
      to have a lot of assets and a core group of committed members, but are
      there a lot of new people joining? It's hard to know from the outside
      but I get the impression that there aren't. I've heard a lot about
      things Scientology do, but I haven't heard about anyone actually joining
      for a long time!

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