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8492Long Long Long time member of ECKANKAR!

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  • gem1951
    Aug 16, 2013
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      I have never been one of the members that can last a year long satsang class. I have never been one to get into the politics. I was deeply crushed when Darwin was kicked out. Even though I didn't know enough to judge what was happening. I just kept up my membership. My best experiences was when I meditated one hour three times a day. I had powerful experiences. I had dark night of soul. I like to use the expression lost my compass. Dark Night is like walking around blind. I cut back on the meditation. My powerful experiences also went away. I came to the oppinion that it is best to survive in the world. I will later on increase my meditation time. I won't be quitting ECKANKAR even though when I do get around active group members I find ECKANKAR has change a lot.