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8477ICSA Research Network and Pre-Conference Research Workshop at Trieste Conference

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  • Sharon
    Mar 8, 2013

      From: Michael Langone <icsamlangone@...>
      Subject: [icsa-info:59] [ICSAMail:69] ICSA Research Network and Pre-Conference Research Workshop at Trieste Conference
      To: "International Cultic Studies Assoc." <mailing@...>
      Date: Friday, March 8, 2013, 8:37 PM

      My name is Professor Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Provost (Pro Vice
      Chancellor), University of Central Lancashire, England.  I will
      facilitate a pre-conference workshop on research at the ICSA annual
      conference in Trieste, Italy (July 4-6, 2013). The pre-conference
      events take place on July 3rd, with the research workshop meeting from
      9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

      In order to prepare for this workshop, I would like to compile a list
      of individuals (college professors, students, others) in the ICSA
      network who are or plan to conduct academic research on cults and
      related topics.  If you are interested in being part of this network,
      please send an e-mail to Rod rpdmarshall@... (please cc ICSA:
      mail@...).  Include your name, a sentence or two on your
      background, a very short description of your research interests, and
      links to additional information.

      I hope that you can make the conference this summer, including our
      research workshop – see abstract below.  However, you do not have to
      attend the conference to become part of our research network.


      Rod Dubrow-Marshall, PhD

      Pre-conference workshop on research

      Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Facilitator

      The three-hour research workshop will include a presentation on
      current developments in research in the field of cultic studies across
      a range of disciplines, including psychology, social work, counseling
      and psychotherapy, sociology, religious studies, criminology, law,
      policy, history, art, film, creative writing, and literature. The
      plurality and diversity of research both in terms of its knowledge
      base and methodological approach allows for the phenomena of undue
      influence and high demand groups and relationships to be fully
      explored and notable contributions to this growing and rich body of
      work will be highlighted with opportunities for discussion.

      Opportunities will also be given in the workshop for researchers to
      provide an update on their work and to share experiences and ask
      questions in a friendly and supportive peer-to-peer environment,
      including about the challenges of working in this field and issues
      such as access to participants, potential legal impediments, and
      getting published in refereed journals. Editors of the International
      Journal of Cultic Studies will also be present to answer questions and
      to have one-to-one discussions with researchers about their work
      (during the rest of the conference). The workshop also offers a great
      opportunity for reports on research projects from many different
      countries and cultures.

      As with previous research workshops, current themes and areas of
      research will also be explored in more detail including the creation
      of a set of clinical instruments for use in out-patient settings by
      mental health professionals.  Other ideas include the potential
      creation of an epidemiological database which draws on research into
      cults and opportunities for additional networking and collaboration
      across ICSA’s growing international research network.

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