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8474If there was something I wished for

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  • violinmike2002
    Feb 27, 2013
      ...It would be that everyone warn others of the dangers of all oddball religious groups. My thesis is this: Life can be tough and whatever you've got to go through sometimes a belief in something can help you though.

      There is nothing to protect you from cults. Its like theres a backdoorin people which can be accessed if you don't guard it and all kinds of false beliefs can take root there.
      No penalties all there for someone who runs a cult unless he kills
      his followers.
      I was tempted to go back to eckankar.
      It filled a void somehow.
      I came to my senses.
      Mediate to know thyself only. Answers are within.
      Its a harder road to hoe without Harold, Jesus, etc but more real
      I respect atheist Christopher Hitchens who in the softcover Hitch 22
      adds a new forward where he acknowledges his cancer and his likelihood of death.
      Often I wasn't even sure eck was 100% cult
      It aint no Scientology though
      they pull all trademarks they own off of newsgroups, or the newsgroups do it. Postings mysteriously disappeared.
      F that I've better things to do.
      Someone asked me once in public Do you belief in God.
      I said I'm not sure now its an agnostic thing but I sure believe in music.
      So what to do aftereck?
      "The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray".

      The man who does not do his own thinking is a slave, and is a traitor to himself and to his fellow-men. Robert Ingersoll

      I don't tell the local eckists they are high initiates of nothing
      and they don't tell me I'm an apostate.
      Rapheal claries this for me


      former scientoligist Jenna Miscavige never had a choice her parents
      even grandparents were in cult and her uncle became the head of
      it. Very good honest read. They even tried to split up her husband
      another Scientologist and her when she decided to leave.


      If you get an email from me around now promoting a product
      its from the asshole who hacked
      my email. and I hope I got it off the public computer I was on.