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  • Sharon
    Feb 8, 2013
      Hi Everyone -

      First of all, it seems I'm not getting either individual emails or "daily digests" from ET like I should be, and probably haven't been for months. I don't miss them, rarely give ekult or ET a thought except when I get an email requiring me to approve a new membership or someone's posting privileges.

      So, it looks like I'm going to have to start checking here at the website every so often.

      I've got tons of old eckstuff going back to Day One - like Twitch's original mimeographed discourses. I have to get my scanner hooked up and start getting it all on the internet, because that's what I promised people who sent me stuff.

      My mother joined the JWs when I was around 9-10. I believed it all - but just didn't "get it", and was disgusted with a "god" like that. Back then, Armageddon was absolutely definitely going to happen in the mid-80's. As we know, it didn't - so I don't know how they all dealt with the change, but it's like ekult - cult members will beileve any kind of nonsense, even if it reverses itself from one day to the next.

      I was especially disgusted that "god" would kill my innocent children because of me. Their "elders" told me to just get baptized, go to the meetings, go door to door etc., even if I didn't "feel" it. That just didn't seem honest, you know?

      Gotta laugh, the "Paradise" book was pretty graphic, I asked about all the dead bodies after Armageddon, and wouldn't it stink to high heaven? They told me don't worry, the wild animals would eat the dead bodies.

      Anyway, I'm 99% sure that the JWs have to pay for all the books & magazines, then get their money back when they sold them to people. A few years back I read that France had or was going to declare them a business and start taxing them, because evidently there's a lot of money coming in from their publications.

      Oh, some years back I called ekult's 800 number just out of curiousity - and they told me if was a call center that took calls from many different companies. A few years later I called it again, and it sounded like they'd switched to a cheap answering machine at cult headquarters.. I totally forget which shows I saw the ads on, but they were on in the wee hours, like 2 am, might've been some kind of alien or Bigfoot-type programs. They're the kind of shows I turn on to put me to sleep. I'm sure advertising at that time and on those shows doesn't cost much - and they probably do mke a profit from them.

      A few years ago I was curious so filled out something on a Scientology website requesting information, I was quite surprised, I got a few very short emails & that's it, I think they may have just given me some contact info or something. Oh - but back in 1970 I was accosted on the street in Manhattan by a very pushy guy who wouldn't leave me alone until I bought "Dianetics", which I didn't mind because I read a lot, and liked big books. I did a lot of my reading in the bathtub, generally I'd read books cover-to-cover unless they were really awful, well this one was *really* bad so I'd only read it in the bathtub, maybe I'd suffered thru about half of it, and I'll tell ya, I was SO happy when I dropped it in the tub so I didn't have to read it anymore! I just remember it was stupid and boring.

      Aaarrgghh - enough of this, I am *so* not interested in ekult anymore that it's hard work, and makes me feel like I need a nice hot shower, or like I've eaten something spoiled and need to go upchuck & get it out of my system!

      So, gotta take a break, will respond to other posts later.

      Oh - anyone here in the US on the east coast where Nemo's going to hit, please go outside & turn fans on, whatever, and blow the storm my way to central PA!!!! We'll probably end up with a pitiful 2" or something. <sigh>



      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, Pete Chown wrote:
      > Hi Sharon,>
      > > Oh - there's a whole set on Ebay, let me check....nope, the discourses I
      > > saw there recently aren't on sale anymore. I'll watch eckstuff
      > > sometimes, no one buys it. Have to laugh, the "newbie freebie" book is
      > > always listed for sale ...
      > LOL, you can also have the Jehovah's Witness freebie book for 99p.
      > What's a bit scary is that someone is selling a leather cover for the
      > stupid thing. Do people revere it so much that they want to buy it a
      > special leather home?
      > The Witnesses have a tax dodge where they say that their books are given
      > away rather than sold. They hint that the person who takes the book
      > from the Kingdom Hall could make a donation to cover the cost. I've
      > always wondered what would happen if someone went to a Kingdom Hall and
      > took armloads of books to sell, without making a donation. If it turns
      > out that this isn't allowed, the tax authorities might be interested.
      > Funnily enough my 'proper' JW stuff -- the books from the 1920s and
      > earlier -- is going up in value. I've got several editions of the Harp
      > of God that I paid about £5 each for. Now they seem to be selling for
      > about £20, so I'm holding on to them in case they go up further!
      > > I've seen a few TV ads for ekult recently, late at night, I forget on
      > > which shows.
      > I'm surprised that works for a cult like Eckankar, that doesn't have
      > many members. If someone watches the advert and wants to get in touch
      > with other Eckankar members, presumably that wouldn't be possible unless
      > they live in a big city. Or is the idea that they just pay money and
      > practise Eckankar on their own?
      > I'd quite like to pay the Scientologists a visit, but I have the same
      > problem. They don't have many members either, so it would be a hundred
      > mile trip. Curiosity isn't worth that much!
      > Pete
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