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  • al_radzik
    Feb 7, 2013
      Hi Sharon,
      You know I love you and I'm only kidding! We've had a cyber-relationship for over 15 years and only met twice in person but it's been quite a ride through the halls of a.r.e. and Eckankartruth, hasn't it? I was just reading my 2006 response to the "newbie" about being married and having kids and a house and all the finer things in life. Jeez, how much has changed since then! Not that karma has caught up with me but as John Lennon said "Life is what happens while you're making other plans". One of those "beautiful daughters" is getting married next year and called me up the other night to ask me if I would sing her first song as "husband and wife." I was very touched by that! She wants her old "grumpy" dad to sing her first song!
      The house is sold and the marriage is over but it's all still good. As you know I still have the music and we are still playing! It's been over 40 years on the road and I don't see an end to it until I go six feet under.
      Regarding Eckankar. I've been thinking about something I haven't dare say for a long time. You know we talk about the controlling aspects of this so called cult and how we suffer consequences if we leave the path. In all truth, the reason it is still around is because people allow themselves to be taken in by it. I am finally coming out of the closet on this perception. I was afraid to say anything for a long time lest I offend my ex-Eck compatriots.
      At some point we did choose to join and was it because we wanted to know the secrets of the Universe? I highly doubt it. I think everyone has a secret desire to belong. Isolation is our worst enemy and sometimes we go to great lengths to avoid it (otherwise we wallow in it). Eckankar provides that false sense of security that we are part of an elite club of followers with a common desire to interact. That need to love and be loved is universal. Some join bowling leagues, knitting clubs, softball teams for paunchy middle-aged men and some join bands to capture the good old days of youth. Unfortunately, the problem is not inherent in Eckankar itself. The problem is us. As long as there are followers, it WILL exist. Why do we get tangled up with these organizations?
      I believe there is something missing in our lives. We sometimes don't feel entirely like members of the human race and need something to soothe the pain of isolation and loneliness. It is like alcohol. It takes over like a rapacious creditor and before you know it, once the man takes the drink, the drink takes the man. Eckankar is like alcohol. You take the first "drink" or "discourse" and now you are on your journey to a "fulfilled" life. What we don't realize is that the path is full of lies and deceptions but it does for a while make you feel strong, confident and self-righteous. As time goes on, you progressively rise to the ranks of HI and become more involved. It consumes you and then ironically puts you back in isolation. Hard core Eckists look at the world through blue-colored glasses. Everything is all about the light and sound as taught by Harold. We fall for it because we were told to believe it was the answer to all our questions and problems BUT we end up not asking too many questions. We need that dose of HU every day until it doesn't work anymore. We fall for it because we are unfulfilled to begin with.
      So now we wonder why, although WE have left the path yet there are still Eckists out there. Well that's simple. Like alcoholics, they are hopelessly in denial. This is where I take a slight turn on the god thing. I wouldn't encourage anyone to become Catholic or JW in lieu of Eckankar but you need to be able to have choices in life and your spiritual health is contingent on being rigorously honest with yourself. A god of your own understanding is all you need. Just simply praying and meditating is sufficient to put you in touch with your higher power what ever that might be. We don't need monthly discourses, conventions or yearly dues to achieve this but we DID IT because we are children in the wilderness looking for comfort and solace in an indifferent and crazy world. Eckists need the Temple in Chanhassen and the yearly seminars to look forward to meeting other "Eckaholics".
      You've seen first hand the revenge of Eckists on a.r.e. They've called my mother to find my phone number and one guy in Australia found out where I worked and threatened to call my boss and let him know about my shenanigans on the newsgroup. They've constructed websites with pictures of me with little red devils poking me with pitchforks. They'd gone to great lengths to silence me because I was too close to their lies. Is this the work of peace-loving god-worshipping folks? They were still angry and fearful children who hadn't truly found peace within themselves. They acted according to their base instincts and ignored the so-called teachings of ECK which were vapid and useless to begin with. They were "drunk" with power prestige and self-righteous. Strength in numbers as they say. I finally got to meet an Eckist one-on-one (David Barnes). He was a member of a.r.e. and was one of those vindictive people who wanted to bury me. When I finally got to talk with him one day, he was just a regular guy with the same problems as any normal person. There was nothing special about him and he even admittedly questioned his own faith in a path he could not quite understand. I felt sorry for him in a way. Anyway, this is getting long winded and possibly repetitive so I just wanted to put out there that we are in charge of our own life and choices. It may be a hard pill to swallow but WE were the ones who allowed ouselves to get duped by Eckankar. We have to recognize OUR role in it and leave them alone. It is in the past and I hardly ever think about it until I see this forum in my bookmarks. So Ciao and cheers to everyone!

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Sharon" wrote:

      > Anyway - hey Alf, you're right, I *am* a grumpy grandma!! I'm grumpy whenever I have to do eckstuff. But, someone's gotta do it. Others did it before me and after me, and hopefully will keep doing it long after I'm gone. And when I look back and remember, there aren't enough words to thank all those who were speaking out when I got on the internet, and helped me wake up and get my mind, heart, and soul back!
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