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8413A Possible Eckspawn?

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  • David Osborn
    Dec 7, 2012
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      Dear All,

      I was recently very much attracted repeatedly to a certain book I found in a favorite bookstore of mine in Tucson, so I bought it.  It was entitled, Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions, and the author was Tricia McCannon.  In her bio, which is at the back of the book, she lists, as part of her spiritual background and paths that she has studied, "the Shabda teachings of the Masters of the Far East", in addition to things like goddess teachings, Native American Wisdom, and mystical Christianity. 

      Anyway, in one of the first chapters in the book, when she is dropping a few names of various spiritual masters, amongst mentions of the Great White Brotherhood and Koot Hoomi of Theosophical fame, she speaks of the Vairagi Masters, as well as names like Rebazar Tarzs and Yaubl Sacabi.  Especially from those last two names, I felt that it was a dead giveaway that she had been previously involved in Eckankar in her past life (or a previous incarnation).  So, I find her email address online, and send her an email saying that it seems like our spiritual paths have crossed before...  Have you ever studied a teaching called Eckankar?

      Anyway, It has been several weeks more than a month, probably almost two months now, since I wrote her that email, and I haven't heard from her at all.  Anyway, it seems after reading about half of her big fat 400-some-odd page book ( I couldn't get all the way through it) that she connects Jesus with just about every possible mystical sect and group that was floating around in his day - not only the Essenes, but also the Celts and Druids, the Egyptian mystery schools, Zoroastrianism and Mithraism, etc...  that this book is mainly an overblown, glorified introduction to some Mystery School correspondence courses that she is offering.  She dubs herself "The Mysteries Expert" and says on her website, I believe it is www.triciamccannonspeaks.com , that she is resurrecting the ancient Mysteries through a modern day Mystery School.

      Anyway, does anyone in this group have any further knowledge or experience of this lady, Tricia McCannon, or has anyone in this group done any further research on her and what she is offering?  Or how she operates, and what her exact level of knowledge, expertise and integrity is - or her real background, for that matter, should it be any different than what she claims?  Is she merely trying to start her own Eckspawn group, with a few other exotic things woven into the tapestry?  Please advise!

      David O.

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