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8412Truth vs. Fiction of the Sound Current?

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  • russrodnick
    Nov 30, 2012
      I was reading an article by Dodie xxxx, and she is ex eckist, interviewing David
      Lane and three eckists in the San Diego area.
      One of the interviewees, a man made a statement, paraphrasing here, that in his
      mind it doesn't matter where the writings of eckankar come from because he is
      finding the truth of eckankar in his life. That it's more important to have a
      connection with the sound current.

      I used to have that exact point of view. What changed for me?

      One thing I used to feel good about when talking about eck was this idea that it
      has been around forever. And I thought eckankar was synonymous with the sound

      It created a dissonance in my mind which I ignored for a decade, after becoming
      a 5th. I could no longer ignore this dissonance, caused by the plaigarism and
      ultimately this had led to me dropping out of eckankar.

      I have a question concerning the sound current. I experience this sound,
      sometimes. It wasn't a part of my experience previous to my study of eck. Maybe
      it isn't important, where you read about it, if you take it as a principle and
      work with it.

      Do you folks think the sound current is bogus? Delusions?

      This is an interesting point because I am interested in truth...

      BTW, documenting the plaigarisms is in my opinion, good work. But this by itself
      doesn't go to the underlying issues concerning the question, "What is the Truth
      regarding the idea of the sound current as a way of connection with the


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