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8411Re: [eckankartruth] Re: Surat Shabd Meditation in General - Your Thoughts?

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  • Michael Turner
    Nov 28, 2012
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      Hi Sharon,

      I don't blame you for questioning things.  I would do the same if I was in your position.  I'm really quite content to just observe and learn.  There's a lot of interesting new information that group members have discovered about Paul Twitchell which I think helps fill in the gaps.  

      The only reason I posted what I did was simply because it's a question I've had for awhile.  How many folks who are disaffected with Eckankar feel that way because of Paul's issues, and how many have problems with the whole concept of Light and Sound meditation.  And, conversely, how do ex-Eckists feel about Light and Sound meditation - regardless of the lineage and derivation-  in general?  

      Personally, in spite of screw-ups by the Twitchmeister, I think Shabda meditation has a lot to offer.   It has always made sense to me - going back to my first introduction in high school.  The fundamental concept just seems incredibly logical.  It's a pity that the western groups have made so many mistakes - for I believe there needs to be a western presentation of the fundamental paradigm of harmonizing the attention with the Current.  

      Regarding my own position here - I will happily follow any guidelines you provide.  I'm not here to upset the apple cart.  I just have a few things I'm curious about.

      Hope you're having a great night,


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      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "michael112658" <michael112658@...> wrote:
      > Hi.
      > There's something I've wondered after reading posts here and on some
      > other Eckankar-related sites for awhile. Aside from your views on
      > Eckankar, how do you feel about the Surat Shabda Meditation in general?
      > If you have issues with Eckankar, are they because of the organization
      > and history, or because you take issue with the Light and Sound
      > paradigm?
      > Just curious.
      > Thanks!!
      > Michael

      Hey Michael -

      Gotta laugh, remember when I was a newbie eckie at a.r.e. & liked what you posted & we yakked a bit?

      And sorry, but I *do* question your motives because you are sort of looking for "chelas" or whatever, and you do refer to Twitch in a positive way in your "spirichul" mailings. Please troll elsewhere.

      My spirituality is my own business and I have no interest in discussing it here on the internet. And I daresay most others feel the same way.

      Have a good one!


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