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8307Re: Is HU a dangerous practice?

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  • al_radzik
    Jul 4, 2012
      No truer words spoken. To forgive someone who has no remorse for their actions is theologically impossible. We sometimes carry resentments all of our lives and are told to forgive those who have wronged us. It's not feasible to forgive what has been done unless the "forgivee" understands their indiscretions. The key to "forgiveness" is to just not let those you resent to live inside your head "rent-free". You must let them go and get on with life as you see fit. Grudges are non-productive and sometimes the one we hold a grudge against probably has no recollection of ever doing harm Or does not believe what they did was wrong. Eckankar is no exception. Gail Twitchell will be carrying Paul's secrets to her grave unless she has a moment of clarity or a deathbed epiphany. Remember, we are only as sick as our deepest secrets.

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Sharon" <brighttigress@...> wrote:

      > Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this. It's people like Gail who give Christians a bad name. I do NOT believe that crap many of them teach/believe, that Jesus forgives & all that stuff - too many people use it as an excuse. You do NOT get forgiven unless you are genuinely sorry and don't do it again!!!!!!!! And I think you also need to do something to make up for the wrongs you've done to others, when possible. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Gail would tell the truth? It would help so many people.
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