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8302Re: Is HU a dangerous practice?

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  • Sharon
    Jul 2, 2012
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      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, DAVIDP111@... wrote:
      > Just think of Gail Twitchell/Gross and all the other names she's collected ever since. She's a churching going Christian now and very very happy, yet she still cashes her checks from Eckankar and enjoys the health insurance she gets from them from when she sold the copyrights back in the 1970's. I saw her a couple years ago in a shopping mall with her sister. She doesn't give Eckankar a second though as long as they send her her checks. She's a Christian, wears the Cross on her necklace and admits she's following Jesus.
      > It's not God that's the problem, it's God's self appointed representatives. Some make it easier to understand, some make it more difficult and some do both. God has been sliced up, slivered off and sold off again and again and God will continue to be marketed, promoted and sold as a commodity by those that claim to have God's personal hot line phone number.
      > As for HU, it was chanted long before Paul Twitchell so go for it if you like. If the Eck Masters are true masters they won't stand between you and your spiritual growth no matter what, even leave the path. Those without your best interest at heart might be more concerned with your donations and payments for your spiritual unfoldment. After all, they still have Gail to pay off to keep quiet.

      Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this. It's people like Gail who give Christians a bad name. I do NOT believe that crap many of them teach/believe, that Jesus forgives & all that stuff - too many people use it as an excuse. You do NOT get forgiven unless you are genuinely sorry and don't do it again!!!!!!!! And I think you also need to do something to make up for the wrongs you've done to others, when possible. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Gail would tell the truth? It would help so many people.

      It's sort of like, when I was a little kid, around 2nd grade, in Catholic catechism. I sort of lived on the edge. <gg> Hey, I was a kid, I knew I wasn't perfect, and didn't want to be!! But, I didn't want to burn in hell either. So I asked the nuns, what if you got hit by a car on your way to confession and were killed instantly, and didn't even have the chance to do a sincere act of contrition in your heart? Also, they wouldn't tell me exactly what adultery was!!!! Okay, for most of the week I didn't really worry about all that stuff until Saturday night when I'd go to confession but I'll tell ya, I was *so* worried about committing adultery by accident!!

      It's true, there's no "magic word". Words are just words. Chanting & meditation are wonderful, I guess, but I've found over the years that they're not really necessary - what "works" for me is just "life"!! Just spending every moment appreciating life and all the blessings in your life, and just the beautiful earth we live on, etc. Even when awful crappy things happen, well...yeah they happen but you don't have to focus on them or let them ruin your good mood, you know?

      Happy 4th, everyone!!


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