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8300Re: Is HU a dangerous practice?

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  • etznab18
    Jul 1, 2012
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      I thought it was 1982 when Gail sold the copyrights. Not the 1970s.


      Few members today know that on July 25 [< Typo? Should read July 15?], 1982, I [Darwin Gross] entered into a contract of purchase with Gail Twitchell Anderson for her rights, titles and interests to all published and unpublished written works and sound recordings of Paul Twitchell, as attached. By the terms of that contract, Gail "assicned to the Corporation in the Care Of Darwin Gross the certified copyrights and any and all unpublished works of Paul Twitchell." Gail imposed a vital condition to her transfer of this valuable property ownership on the Corporation.
      The Corporation received custody of the works only by agreeing without reservation to a binding protection clause: "the Corporation AGREES TO PLACE THE WORKS UNDER THE DIRECTION AND CONTROL OF DARWIN GROSS TO ASSURE THEIR ORIGINALITY AND PROPER PRESENTATION AS PROVIDED BY PAUL TWITCHELL AND SUBSEQUENTLY BY GAIL A. ANDERSON." The "Sri" inserted before my name established my acceptance both as an individual and spiritual leader, denoting it to be more than a mere business transaction. When I signed on, I accepted personal and spiritual responsibility for both originality and presentation of my predecessor's works.
      The Board of Trustees approved the purchase amount of $500,000. The completed works of Paulji possess a literary and spiritual significance similar to those of Psalms of David, the writings of Plato, the letters of the Apostle Paul, the meditations of St. John of the Cross, the plays of Shakespeare and the essays of Emerson. They are a treasure deserving to be preserved in the integrity of their original expression for this and for all generations to come. The protection clause speaks to a greater value than commercial rights alone.
      The July 15, 1982 Agreement charges me with protecting the originality and proper presentation of Paul's works. That charge is my greatest responsibility and compels of me everything in my power to fulfill. Only when I die will my successor in Paul's works and the path of the Corporation be chosen. This decision is not my responsibility. Mine is only to train and to show the way. When I designated you [Harold Klemp] as a Living Master in October 1981, I hoped you would develop a spiritual understanding of Paul's works, both as to their originality and proper presentation. It was the goal established for you at the time of your appointment; a promotion which depended upon your agreement to assist me spiritually.

      [Based on: Darwin Gross. See link (sorry, it appears to be expired and no longer available.):

      http://www.darwingrosstruthfile.homestead.com/DGTFitem1.html -

      Originality and proper presentation?

      "[....] Darwin Gross issued a worldwide memo on December 27, 1979 which states that there was NO plagiarism in Paul Twitchell's THE FAR COUNTY. Saying instead that it was dictated to Paul by Rebazar. In addition, the memo states that 'the book claimed to be plagiarized by Paul was not copyrighted.' [....]" (Sorry, that link is expired too.)

      [Based on: http://vclass.mtsac.edu:930/phil/kirpaltheory.htm%5d

      Originality and proper presentation?

      Does anybody know if a copy of that December 27th, 1979 memo exists online? Does Eckankartruth have a copy in its archives?

      P.S. A copy of the sales contract used to be available online here (I don't think this link is available any longer either.):


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, DAVIDP111@... wrote:
      > Just think of Gail Twitchell/Gross and all the other names she's collected ever since. She's a churching going Christian now and very very happy, yet she still cashes her checks from Eckankar and enjoys the health insurance she gets from them from when she sold the copyrights back in the 1970's. I saw her a couple years ago in a shopping mall with her sister. She doesn't give Eckankar a second though as long as they send her her checks. She's a Christian, wears the Cross on her necklace and admits she's following Jesus.
      > It's not God that's the problem, it's God's self appointed representatives. Some make it easier to understand, some make it more difficult and some do both. God has been sliced up, slivered off and sold off again and again and God will continue to be marketed, promoted and sold as a commodity by those that claim to have God's personal hot line phone number.
      > As for HU, it was chanted long before Paul Twitchell so go for it if you like. If the Eck Masters are true masters they won't stand between you and your spiritual growth no matter what, even leave the path. Those without your best interest at heart might be more concerned with your donations and payments for your spiritual unfoldment. After all, they still have Gail to pay off to keep quiet.
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