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  • al_radzik
    Jun 14, 2012
      I don't usually post on this board anymore and if I do, it's usually something negative about Eckankar. After reading this, it struck a chord with me after all these years.
      We all have something in common. We are seekers of truth and have been burned by various religions and paths in our lives yet we still seek a "god" to explain our existence.
      There is so much to choose from in this world from the old tried and true traditional religions to New Age and if you think about it, God has many names,forms and qualities we assign to It yet God is transcendent of all these paths formulated by man.
      It is a noble gesture for one to search for meaning in their life but it doesn't have to be such a difficult task. These New Agers you speak of (including Eckists) are being sold a bill of goods by unscrupulous people and some with good intentions but eventually the worldliness of money and greed comes into the picture. In the end it comes down to having to pay for enlightenment.
      You can't change your DNA and you can only forgive to an extent. We are human and will always have flaws. What's important is that we find a higher power greater than ourselves and work from there.
      Being a co-worker with God is actually a good concept because we can't expect "Him" to do everything for us. We must strive to always do the next right thing and only then will God come into focus. It's like the old adage "Fake it till you make it". If you build the bridge, your faith will become stronger and your own concept of God will come into view.
      All that talk about "knowing" God and achieving higher levels of consciousness can be a good thing but I don't believe we can ever fully understand God as New Age religion promises. Eckankar is a good example of of a path that feeds your ego where you have complete control of your life. This goes for Scientology, EST and all the other paths that have come into the world over the past several decades. The trick is to surrender and accept life on life's terms. Only then will you feel comfortable in your own skin as you search and refine and redefine your own concept of a higher power.


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Non" <eckchains@...> wrote:
      > I wish I could accept, and I suppose I do at some level, but I keep running into too many people espousing their NEW AGE RELIGION beliefs that sound a lot like ekanakar. Some tell you in casual conversation that they have changed their DNA with their thoughts and are reversing the aging process completely. They claim to have done this by erasing all negative feelings by forgiveness, and yet they are quite irritated with you for asking questions or not agreeing with them 100%. And there are other off shoots from Scientology like Access Consciousness and Infinite Abundance going on about how they use this or that technique to achieve all of their dreams or some trick in speech such as saying over and over again in the face of adversity, "how can it get any better" with supposed unbelievable results. Or that ALL prayers are answered by God before you even pray. To me this is not just unrealistic, but can be dangerous magical thinking.
      > Some say that they must disengage from all negative energy from others who are dragging them down by doing stupid imaginary mental gyrations. There doesn't seem to be much about compassion or even good will toward others. It's all about getting as much wealth as possible and only feeling up at all times. There is no spontaneity or freedom as far as feelings and your mind, just a lot of repression, and often they seem kind of grumpy, unless you have paid money for their psych services or the seminar you are attending. It's all a Con. Ekankar is worse because they do all of the same stuff except with even more of the KULT like dogma and the hierarchy of the living eck master/mahanta.
      > At the same time I have been there myself in the past and my take on it is that there is a lot of self-hating going on with people who don't want to accept their human limitations. Why else do they become so defensive with those who question their grandiose beliefs?
      > noneckster ; )
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