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  • butterflyschmidt@yahoo.de
    May 13, 2011
      Ups, a long time ago I asked a question and surprised I see that it was answered so phantastically by prometheus and etznab.
      Thank you very much!!!!
      Butterfly Schmidt

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > This is an interesting topic
      > and I have some perspectives
      > and info to share that might
      > explain how this, too, came
      > about.
      > First, we have to understand
      > that Twitchell was a liar, scammer,
      > narcissist and a manipulator
      > who used various techniques
      > to create material and terms
      > for his con of Eckankar.
      > Twitchell would substitute, add,
      > omit, and transpose letters, words,
      > and names to make his con sound
      > original and authentic and to make
      > it more difficult for others to research
      > and, therefore, debunk. He had,
      > previously, been accused of plagiarism
      > and, thus, took measures to hide
      > his sources.
      > Twitchell's main resource book for
      > creating his scam was "The Path of
      > the Masters." I'll use this book to
      > show directly where some of this
      > Shariyat term came from and where
      > and how Twitchell could have (more
      > than likely) created the term "Shariyat-
      > Ki-Sugmad" via using his "substitution"
      > methodology.
      > In the "Glossary of Foreign Terms"
      > on page 590 is this term:
      > "Ekonkar.--The one supreme all-
      > inclusive God." On page 283 it,
      > also, gives a spelling of "Ekankar."
      > This was merely one example
      > to show how Twitchell created
      > the term Eckankar.
      > In this same glossary on pages
      > 565-566, are these terms:
      > "Santon Ki Shiksha.--The teachings
      > of the Saints."
      > "Shariyat.--Mode, or code of life,
      > according to Mohammedan law or
      > custom."
      > "Shraddha.--Faith, belief, reverence."
      > "Shugal-i-Nasira.--A Muslim term
      > for the supreme Shabd, or sound."
      > Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad? I can see how
      > Twit could have created this term
      > with what was in the glossary alone!
      > We have "Shariyat" and we have "Ki."
      > Now we just need to create "Sugmad."
      > This is somewhat tricky, but so was
      > Twitchell!
      > Well, we have a "S" and "UG" in Shugal.
      > Now we just need MAD. Well, I do see
      > those letters in the definition for Shugal-
      > i-Nasira.
      > Or, maybe this whole process was making
      > Twitchell "mad" or maybe he thought
      > the search for God tends to make people
      > "mad." It's really hard to know some things
      > about others or even ourselves at times.
      > We'll never know for sure since we don't
      > have Twitchell to ask. But, in life we have
      > to make certain judgments and form certain
      > conclusions in order to exist or do anything.
      > How ever Paul and Gail Twitchell created
      > their scam it is obvious that,Paul, especially,
      > was a life-long liar. He even lied to Gail
      > about his age and of being, about, 33 years
      > older than her.
      > I don't know if this helped anyone to see
      > or to understand that we may never be
      > able to connect all of the the dots as to
      > where things came from or why and how
      > everything was done and given as it was.
      > Twitchell was a proven liar and plagiarist,
      > thus, everything he touched became contaminated
      > and is suspect.
      > Prometheus
      > butterflyschmidt wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I wonder whether Twitch got the
      > name Sharyat from "Sharia", the
      > muslim book.
      > I understand that "Sharia" originally
      > meant "the path through the desert
      > to an oasis".
      > It could be that Twitch got the word
      > from the Muslims. But what does "Ki
      > Sugmad" mean. I have never found out,
      > it could be Sanskrit too. Does anyone
      > have come across a translation?
      > "Butterfly Schmidt"
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