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8241Re: [eckankartruth] Ola !!!

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  • Austin Atma
    Nov 17, 2011
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      Chem trails - there's something you don't hear about too much these days.  

      Breaking up **is** hard to do... Doesn't matter if the other person believes in the Easter Bunny or child molesting coaches... The loss of someone you care about and that  area about yous is like losing your religion.  And that **is** me in the corner saying too much.  It sucks and is painful.  Time and self reflection heals.  

      Personal loss leads to wanting to suck on corporate and religious teats... Any freaking thing for comfort and distraction from the reality of our lives.  Sorry I just had to say it ;-).  So watch out too much suckiness can lead to the place we all started... Again.  Wasteland. 


      On Nov 12, 2011, at 7:22 PM, "chemtrail_sun" <chemtrail_sun@...> wrote:


      Hello,my Name is Jayson,I have just had my girlfriend of 4 yr.s break up with me as fast as one can shut a door on someones face!I'm having a very hard time getting over this break-up seeking some type of closure. She has been a practicing Eckist for I'd say almost 30 years according to when she said she found a eck book in a used book store. I myself was raised Catholic,and have just recently started to attend weekly services again.It seemed to me from things she said,and attending worship services once a month, and other eck functions.(I also scanned Eckankar books and materials) Anyway it seems to me that Eckankar takes the best parts of all religions,and try's to make their own new one religion with the best parts of all the others!There is no punishment for sins,or misdeeds to others! Very appealing to say the least! Just karma to have to deal with for punishment in past,present,and future lives! No charity work either!The God they pray to is a sound called the HU,and the light of God!If anyone would like to elaborate or converse with me on anything I just have written. Please feel free to do so! (To be continued...???)

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