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8023Mean Mr. Mustard

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  • al_radzik
    Feb 1 7:58 AM
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      Eckankar is basically a mental institution without bars on the

      It is a scrawny dog on a can in the supermarket that says: "Please
      help me find a home"

      It is a picture of Harold Klemp on a milk carton ---- lost

      It is more like group "brainfreeze" whereby the members are suspended
      upside down in a pool full of hog excrement trying to describe the
      scent of an orchid.

      It is a loveless, detached, confining, ego-boosting, ass-kissing
      system of erasing any form of accountability in your mind and calling
      it karma.

      Eckankar is Rich Smith driving down a road in Honolulu, seeing an
      abandoned crying baby in a suitcase baking in the sun on the shoulder
      of the road, and him deciding not to help it because after all....the
      baby probably deserved it from a transgression in a previous life.

      There are invisible phones in Eckankar but no one seems to be
      answering them.

      I used to have an invisible phone number until Rich Smith brought it
      to the internet. <GG>

      Good luck....
      Dial 1-800-MONEY4ECK and join up!!!!