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7918Re: Why they're so strange

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  • jonathanjohns96
    Sep 25 3:21 PM
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      A few brief summarizing comments.

      I do agree that Eckists exhibit cult-like thinking. I saw it all the time when I was posting over at a.r.e a few weeks ago. I also saw it in Eckankar when I was a member, but I didn't see it as cult-like at that time because I was a member and I didn't wish to see Eckankar as a cult. Probably because I couldn't handle that particular truth at that time.

      The biggest issue as I see it is that they can be extremely dogmatic. In other words that have an attitude of "I am right and nobody else's opinion matters." When they get to be that severe in their thinking then they are exhibiting cult-like behavior.

      Your contention is that this "holier than thou" attitude is programmed into them by Eckankar. I agree, but I still think that they are partially responsible. After all, the truth about Eckankar's lies and curses is all over the Internet. And the really disturbing thing is when these people read it, they somehow manage to disregard it. In my opinion, this indicates an even worse cult-like behavior than their holier than thou attitude. When faced with the truth, they ignore it. That is VERY disturbing. And I will readily admit that it took me ten years to finally leave Eckankar after first seeing some of the signs that something was amiss. So I know how difficult it is to face the truth.

      So, Tom, I don't agree with all the details of what you wrote, especially the two psychologists' view of things, but I agree with your general position and conclusions. In fact, I would like to see more well-thought out essays such as the one you wrote.

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