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783Re: Typical Cult Harrassment

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  • Sharon
    Aug 2, 2001
      --- In eckankartruth@y..., colleenmft@y... wrote:
      > Thank you, Sharon, for all your support and quick response. I really
      > appreciate the kind words you and others have posted. I smile
      > thinking about it!
      > I received the following e-mail from Federico Grosso, although he
      > didn't sign his name, only the salutation.

      <snipped copy of his post> Gee...this was nice!! Keep us up to date
      on this!!

      And you know, it's a great way to familiarize more people with the fact
      that eckankar is a dangerous & slimy cult!

      > Well, I sent him the e-mail to the Oasis "committee" and I will be
      > curious about the follow-up.

      Colleen, I'm sure you're aware that PickIt is an unctuous, slimy
      scumbag, so it's hard to tell what you'll get from him (Oasis Committee) in return. Remember, he's a phony. I don't doubt that
      he'll try to ingratiate himself with you. He tried it with me after
      I left. It didn't work.

      > Hope you're having a good week, Sharon. (Did you get your vacuuming
      > done? I've been organizing and cleaning, washing clothes, as usual.
      Oh, golly...I remember a few nights ago I *was* planning to vacuum, but, well...sort of got distracted! <ggg>

      Maybe I'll wait until I give Noo a haircut. He needs it bad. He's so darn hypersensitive, though. Wish I could find a groomer who would drug him, seriously!! The last time he had his haircut, it took me, my son, *and* my daughter-in-law three hours!!!

      The problem is...well, okay...when he was a puppy I accidentally sort of sliced off a teeny-tiny bit of his ear. I mean...it wasn't *that" big of a deal, I do more damage shaving my legs. But he was sort of traumatized. And you can just forget trying to get near him with clippers!! Groomers are always very diplomatic about it when I pick him up afterwards, but I'd rather not subject him to that trauma. I wish he was more like a cat. Cats are independent. I've never had a cat follow me around constantly.

      I've been working on "organizing" & stuff for quite awhile. I'm getting there!! <ggg>

      > The place is delightful now.

      Well...you know, I will *not* win any Martha Stewart awards! <ggg>

      My home is "comfy". You know...lived in! <ggg>

      But...there's always a lot of love here. I guess my approach to
      housework is sort of like the way I did e-kult. I ignore a lot of things, and focus on the "nice" stuff!! <ggg>

      Anyway...I *was* happy when a friend stopped by last night with a 21" channel catfish. My dishes were done, so he threw it in the sink...I was about to go to bed early with a book, to be honest, and wasn't in the mood, but what can you do? Have to laugh, though...men are *so* cute at times!! Maybe it's that hunter-gatherer thing. They bring home the kill, and announce "Me hungry." Usually I cook, but I was tired so just popped a frozen pizza in the microwave.

      Well...I'm rethinking my personal goal of catching a *big* channel cat this year!! I've been aiming for a minimum of 24" -- but they're damn tough, and I had a heck of a time cutting off the head with my good knife. It's one of those delightful "old-fashioned" knives that get rusty, and have to be sharpened. Which reminds me...I have *no* idea what I did with my big cleaver!!! Found it at a yard sale for $1 or $2 a year or so ago!

      I think if I catch a really big channel cat, I'm going to let it go!

      Well...bye for now!!



      PS...you know, Colleen, since you were there "in the beginning" and knew Twitch personally, well...it would be *really* interesting (not to mention helpful) to hear what it was like back then, insights you've gotten on the whole thing since then...
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