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  • mishmisha9
    Jul 14, 2010
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      I think it would be fair of you to admit that you were asked to introduce yourself and post a bit about your background before using EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous as an advertising tool for your business. You failed to reply so your post did not go up. The rules ask for new members/first time posters to introduce themselves. Not everyone knows who you are. If you had added a personal note as was suggested to you, your post would have been approved and posted, and in addition I am sure the readers would have viewed you as credible.

      It is interesting the whacks that ESA takes from others, is judged and criticized, while the full truth is not elicited in regards to why your posts were not approved. Why would you not want to introduce yourself to the group there? I don't really understand it. It is really a shame that you are making opinion comments here while not responding to ESA directly. I don't think this is nice of you really and seems an intentional assault on another group of ex-eckists who you claim you want to help?

      I posted a message in part a few weeks ago on ESA which if you had read you should have seen what the problem had been with you posting there:

      . . . if someone wants to post about workshops and therapy
      groups, it is best to introduce oneself and participate here first . . . even if
      it might seem that person is well known on other ex-eckankar groups. Lurking
      doesn't count! . . .

      Sharing information and suggesting links, books and other help materials are
      good ideas. But just using this board for advertising only, really isn't the
      right way to go about it."

      All you had to do was say, Hi, I am Colleen . . .I have a lot of experience . . .

      How difficult is that for you to do? And yes, your complaints on here have seemed to be a whine when you simply just needed to communicate better on the ESA board. I'm disappointed and amazed that you have done this. And I expect that you will not at all respond to my post here . . . as it seems you like to dish out the silent treatment when challenged or questioned. Is this normal therapist behavior or the behavior of one who can't handle some long lingering issues as well? I am just trying to level the playing field. I just popped in as I don't really follow these ex-eckankar sites so much any more . . kind of busy and happy in the real world.


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Colleen Russell, LMFT" <colleenmft@...> wrote:
      > Zoey and All...
      > I think that some people continue to act in rigid, judgmental, authoritarian, and/or controlling ways when they leave authoritarian, controlling relationships or cults if they don't get enough education and the help they need to understand their experience and disconfirm the inaccurate, self-limiting "pathogenic" beliefs internalized from these experiences. Speaking of Alice Miller (and thank you for your kind words...I really appreciate them)people can identify with the aggressor, aspects of someone important in their family of origin or later life experiences, including cult leaders and then act accordingly without being conscious of what they're doing and how restrictive and harmful their actions can be. On the other hand, people can respond to traumatic incidents in their lives with defensive styles and coping skills that seemed to be the only available options for them at one time, but interfere with one's development, goals, and relationships later. For instance, a child decides that it's not safe to express himself in his family of origin, so he withdraws; later, his withdrawal in relationships can be harmful to himself and the other, so he can learn more effective relationship skills. Seems like it was in your best interest to leave Eckankarsurvivors. I wonder about their motivations. Seems like the scapegoating process is alive and well there, from what you write!
      > Best,
      > Colleen
      > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Zoey" <zzoey75@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Yes, I've had some problems there, Colleen. A couple of years back I discovered that prometheus seems to have a well-defined format, and will not tolerate much deviation from that. I found this too boring and restrictive, and so I opted out.
      > >
      > > Then recently, a couple of months ago I think, I tried once again to partipate on eckankarsurvivors. This time I was out-and-out attacked as pro-eckankar. And I am NOT pro-eckankar. My opinion simply did not reflect the rabid antagonism of some of the locals. Again, I left. (BTW, the attacks did not come from prometheus).
      > >
      > > I am a former eckist, and understand the anger, hurt, etc ex-eckists experience. However, I cannot understand the rage which prohibit an open dialogue. Well, maybe I can understand it, but I will not tolerate it.
      > >
      > > On another note, Colleen - I have enjoyed your posts more than I can tell you. Over the years you have been a great source of comfort and insight. As I have said before, you introduced me to Alice Miller. I can never thank you enough for that .
      > >
      > > zoey...
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Colleen Russell, LMFT" <crussellmft@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I'm concerned about the censorship on Eckankarsurvivors. Has anyone else had trouble posting there without the "permission" of the moderator? I thought whoever it is would understand that I am an "Eckankarsurvivor" and supportive of others. I moderated an Ex-Eckankar Support group on Yahoo for years. Would appreciate anyone's comments/experiences.
      > > > Colleen
      > > >
      > >
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