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7576Re: EK initiations, second guessing and "love" baby!

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  • harrisonferrel
    Feb 11, 2010
      This message is a winner. It's great.

      The initiations always perplexed me when I was in eckankar. Then one day I realized they are just one more cog in the big wheel of deception and nonsense that is the hallmark of eckankar. No wonder you can't figure it out; it's arbitrary crappola.

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello Zoey,
      > I can understand the confusion. Klemp
      > likes to keep his flock off-balance and
      > second guessing. Initiations are more
      > mental (imaginary) than anything else
      > except for one's physical membership
      > card with the number of one's plane of
      > con. Oh, there are also those physical
      > plane "pink slips" too and your computerized
      > file with initiation dates, etc. at the ESC.
      > [Anyone wanting a printout of these
      > dates can call Membership Services
      > and a list will be mailed out to you.]
      > Basically,
      > 1-9 are inner and outer,
      > 10-11 are inner only,
      > 12 is inner and outer, and
      > 13-14 are inner only (and are
      > unverifiable except by the EK leader/god).
      > Actually, all initiations (and everything EK,
      > in general) are specifically (and plane wise)
      > unverifiable except by the Klempster.
      > Everyone dreams and/or imagines what
      > they want, need, or expect.
      > *[1-9]
      > In The Masters 4 Discourse, Lesson 2
      > is the following:
      > "Third, the final part of the Ninth
      > Initiation occurs in the physical
      > world."
      > *[12th]
      > In Klemp's 1998 ECK Lexicon is this
      > on page 226:
      > "Voice of Akivasha. The oracle, until
      > the first of this century, at a craggy,
      > unexplored site called the Oracle of
      > Tirmer in the Valley of Shangta in
      > northern Tibet. It is here that the
      > Rod of ECK Power is passed from
      > the departing LEM to his successor
      > on October 22 [Twitchell's Birthday],
      > at midnight; sometimes called the
      > Voice, or Oracle, of Tirmer."
      > It should be noted that this is a
      > physical, earthly, and "outer" location,
      > although, it might be claimed that
      > one travels there in the Astral Body
      > which resembles one's physical body.
      > This is why there are paintings and
      > drawings of these people. Any body
      > higher than the Astral would not
      > otherwise have the same identifiable
      > (physical) characteristics.
      > It should be noted that in Klemp's
      > 1987 book, "Soul Travelers of the
      > Far Country" on pages 186-187
      > Klemp states:
      > "The Ninth Initiation came on July 22,
      > 1981. Initiations in ECK beyond the
      > Eighth are given ONLY on the inner
      > planes."
      > Of course, Darwin had to confirm
      > HK's 9th on the outer. It seems that
      > the 10th and 11th are minor initiations
      > since Klemp achieved these between
      > July 22, 1981 and October 22, 1981!
      > Of course Klemp had to backtrack
      > for the Masters 4 Discourse because
      > how can one anoint card carrying
      > 9ths without an "outer" confirmation
      > "final" stage?
      > Else wise, everyone would be
      > running around claiming to be
      > a 9th. It's bad enough that 7ths
      > are claiming to be 8ths (on the inner),
      > or that 8ths are claiming to be 9ths
      > on the inner or that some Eckists
      > skip initiations and, thus, there
      > are 5ths claiming to be 8ths
      > (on the inner).
      > I hope that this info and perspective
      > has helped to clarify the nonsense
      > behind ECK Initiations.
      > BTW- It seems that Eckists don't
      > really need the Initiations, EK Books
      > and Membership Cards, or Zoas,
      > or Guidelines, Discourses, or Laws
      > or Donations of Coin and Service...
      > all they need is love!
      > There is a Klemp quote in the
      > Jan. 2010 "Letter of Light" that
      > states:
      > "Love is love. And this is what
      > the ECK teachings are all about.
      > Purely love, and just love. Simply
      > love."
      > Yep! All you need is love! Very
      > simple and yet so profound!
      > Say, wasn't that Jesus' message
      > 2000 years ago?!
      > Prometheus
      > zoey wrote on Eckankar Survivors Anonymous:
      > initiations
      > Hey prometheus. Some time back there
      > was a discussion here concerning eckankar
      > initiations, inner and outer. If you can remember,
      > can you tell me which initiations are considered
      > entirely inner, and which are required to also
      > have an outer initiation with an eck clergy?
      > My friend and I are curious about this.
      > Thanks, zoey
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