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7491Twitchell's Racist World

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  • harrisonferrel
    Nov 1, 2009
      Over the years I've only heard a couple of suggestions that Twitchell was a racist. Now I'm wondering about this myself, because of a few things that I read a long time ago. One of the eck books, maybe the shariyat, talked about different peoples in twitchells' absurd fiction on the beginnings of life and humankind. Has anybody made any comparisons or found plagiarisms or similarities between his works and, let's say, Mein Kampf? He did have this treatise about yellow, red, black and white people and that all but the whites were past their prime. I think that at the time when you read such statements the obvious racist overtones escape you. But twitchell was a very limited, backwoods yokel, so what else could it be but racism?
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