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7136Re: [eckankartruth] Re: "Past-life readings" and "Past-life regressions" - A minor correction

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  • Leanne Thompson
    Feb 9, 2009
      I once went to charles richards in del mar(eckist). I think there are better past life rgreesionists.

      --- On Sun, 2/8/09, Sharon <brighttigress@...> wrote:
      From: Sharon <brighttigress@...>
      Subject: [eckankartruth] Re: "Past-life readings" and "Past-life regressions" - A minor correction
      To: eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, February 8, 2009, 4:27 PM

      Hi Everyone!

      This has been an interesting thread, got me thinking a bit which I'd
      been doing since I ran across an interesting thought somewhere on the
      internet, forgot where already but I think it was in some "channeled"
      stuff. To be honest, just the word "channeled" turns me off totally,
      other than Edgar Cayce. Anyway, this thought made sense since I
      think a lot of "karma" teachings/beliefs make about as much sense as
      hellfire & damnation & the Garden of Eden story - the thought that we
      incarnate simply because that's what we do. I forget the details,
      something about "soul" or our disincarnate selves needing to
      incarnate physically just to survive or something.

      Anyway, I also remembered probably where I first came across
      reincarnation when I was young - in "The Search for a Soul: Taylor
      Caldwell's Psychic Lives" by Jess Stearn. I'd read quite a few of
      her novels and loved them, and it was fascinating to learn that they
      were probably so "real" because she'd lived lives during the times
      she was writing about. Now, I don't really remember all the details,
      but when I looked on Amazon for the book, it said she'd undergone
      hypnosis. I remember the book told about her "between incarnation"
      life, too, and her relationship with her "soul-mate".

      Read Michael Newton's book on reincarnation some years back, found it

      Has anyone ever thought they remembered past lives, or anything like
      that? Now, years back, two different "psychic" types told me about
      two different supposed past lives I'd had, but they "felt" true and
      made sense. And another sort of weird thing, some years back I had
      the strangest "experience" while reading a certain author (non-
      fiction), I felt like I was in her head, writing that book! And
      I "knew" I'd been her in my previous life. To be honest, it creeped
      me out and I just thought I had an overly active imagination, wishful
      thinking or something. Then, somewhere along the line I looked up
      the date of her death, and turned out to be after my birth, and I
      felt quite relieved! But wait...there' s more!! Just recently,
      going thru boxes, came across one of her books again, same thing
      happened, like I was inside her, writing it, hearing the words in my
      head as I put them on paper - but the voice wasn't my current voice,
      it was hers. Well, killing time one day bouncing around used
      booksites, I came across her dates again and the date of her death
      was *before* I was born - and I rechecked it, yep, don't know where
      I'd gotten that incorrect death date, that was years ago.

      The thing is, what I was told about the long-ago past lives, and what
      I've learned about this previous woman, it all just makes so much
      sense of my current lifetime, they all fit together, especially the
      last "possible" one! I mean, it even explains so many things, going
      back to childhood... ..

      So, it's sort of curious and interesting, but I really don't know
      what to think about it. And it sort of leaves me wondering what I
      should *really* be focusing on & doing for this last roughly 1/3 of
      my life. Especially considering 2012 is right around the corner -
      hey, who knows? <gg>

      Another thought I had years back was because it made *no* sense to me
      that it took so many years & lifetimes, and when I was an eckist, I
      believed all their crap, like the stuff about how we're finishing up
      the karma in this lifetime so I'd look for it in every situation that
      presented itself, but it got to the point where I said wait a minute,
      this is something I've already learned long ago and do *not* have to
      deal with this b.s. again!!!

      You know, the longer I'm out (10 years now), the more ridiculous all
      that eckancrap gets!!! It's taken quite awhile, but I can now
      honestly say that yes, I'm definitely "brainwashed" now, I washed all
      that nonsense out of my head so I can start sort of re-investigating
      various things again, like getting back to the wonderful place I was
      before I took that horribly wrong turn and joined ekult. I just
      *love* being me again!!!

      Anyone remember Three Mile Island? Well, we lived an hour or so
      away, and my mother had sort of drifted away from the Jehovah's
      Witnesses but still believed. Me,well...I' d accepted that I was
      doomed and was just happy raising my kids, rabbits, & gardening.
      Wanted *nothing* to do with that nasty wacko "Jehovah" and my idea of
      hell was spending eternity in a JW "paradise"! No, thank you!!

      Anyway, I'd just seen the news, and my mother called me - she was a
      bit hysterical, wanted to know if I thought maybe this was the
      beginning of Armageddon. I said I don't know and could care less,
      but if this *is* the end, I'm sure as heck not going to spend my last
      day on earth doing dishes & housework!! So, I went fishing.

      Yep, I'd still rather go fishing...but I have some interrupted "work"
      to do, that I promised myself & others who sent me a lot of eckstuff
      over the years but things happen & I had to put it aside these last
      years. Now I can start up again, problem is I'm basically lazy.

      I'll feel better once I actually get started, and I'm sure I'll find
      it fun again once I get going.

      Okay, just rambling a bit here, actually I finally got here to post
      because there's something *really* important I want to share, it's
      *so* exciting, I'm going to give it its own post!!

      Think Spring, everyone!



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