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7130Re: "Past-life readings" and "Past-life regressions"

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  • jonathanjohns96
    Feb 1, 2009
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      In my original post I mentioned the lady who was told "Open him up."
      She recommended a book called "Journey Of Souls: Case Studies Of Live
      between Lives" by Miachael Newton. I believe this is the guy who
      originally discovered the "Life between Lives." This is also one of
      the few books on esoteric subjects that I actually recommend to
      people. But this book contains a lot of material that even
      spiritually advanced people would find weird. I thought it was weird
      when I read it.

      I always thought that going to "Life between lives" as a regression,
      not a reading, but some people have difficulty being regressed.

      I rememeber now, I read this book not too long before my first past-
      life regression. In the book, one story about a death really affected
      me strongly, and in my first past-life regression a similar situation
      came up. The similarity was in my feelings, not the actual events
      regarding the deaths. In a past life regression, what comes up is
      what needs to be healed.


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      > I would love to have them both. Like the Past life regression and
      life between lives reading from earl beckman.
      > Leanne
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      > Subject: [eckankartruth] Re: "Past-life readings" and "Past-life
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      > Date: Saturday, January 31, 2009, 5:28 PM
      > A friend of mine(I will call her Monica) had a past life reading.
      > is on tape and I was fascinated with what occurred. The reader
      > brought her back throughout her teens into her childhood and then
      > beyond. At that moment, Monica assumed the fetal position and then
      > emerged as a woman named Ann Fleming with a British accent and
      > in Manchester England. She recalled her death froma fall from a
      > and various members of her family, poor farmers in the countryside.
      > After "coming back", she didn't remember anything she said.
      > We researched some death records in Manchester and found there was
      > indeed such a person and the cause of death was injuries sustained
      > from falling off a horse! Not only that, the family she remembered
      > also existed in the late 19th century!.
      > --- In eckankartruth@ yahoogroups. com, jonathanjohns96
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > "Past-life readings" and "Past-life regressions"
      > >
      > > Past-life Reading
      > > A past-life reading is where someone tells you about your past
      > lives. I
      > > have never done it, but theoretically there are many ways to do
      > Some
      > > people claim that they read the "soul records" or "akashic
      > > which I suppose are like some big book on the inner planes. I'm
      > certain
      > > that other people simply hear someone talking to them. Or they get
      > > impressions which they then form into a verbal or written report.
      > Also,
      > > some people do "automatic writing" where their hand seems to be
      in a
      > > sense controlled by an invisible force that does the writing for
      > them. I
      > > refer to all of these as "Past-life Readings."
      > >
      > > I once went to someone for a reading: a non-Eckist who is a New
      > > past-life regressionist and healer. I got a past life reading
      > her
      > > several years ago (2006?). In hindsight, this reading wasn't very
      > > valuable. I have had very little confirmation of the three past
      > lives
      > > she told me about. If they really were my past lives, they
      > > aren't any that I am "supposed" to be working on. One of the past
      > lives
      > > she told me about was similar to one or two that I already knew
      > about,
      > > so I could consider that a match. This is the closest I have come
      > > actually having someone read my "soul records." But I don't know
      > what
      > > method she used other than she somehow used Phoenix cards,
      > I
      > > don't even know what those are. She did a past-life reading, but
      > perhaps
      > > she merely heard someone speaking to her.
      > >
      > > I once had a short consultation with an energy healer about a
      > life
      > > where I was a 15-16 year old girl in a concentration camp in Nazi
      > > Germany. Without my telling her, this energy healer told me a few
      > things
      > > that were the same as what I already knew. She also told me my
      > > which was some weird-sounding name. At the time I thought she was
      > crazy,
      > > but within a short period of time I discovered on the Internet
      > > traditional Jews actually have two names: a secular name and a
      > religious
      > > name. Their secular name is the one they use in society. But at
      > > point, they are given a religious name which is usually in
      > So I
      > > realized right away that this "strange" name that this energy
      > healer had
      > > given me must have been my religious name.
      > >
      > > In general, I have shied awy from getting Past-life readings. I
      > rarely
      > > know whether the information is valid or not.
      > >
      > > Also, this is not something that I have ever done. I don't go on
      > > inner and look at records.
      > >
      > >
      > > Past-life Regression, etc.
      > > I have extensive knowledge about a lot of my past lives. This was
      > > accomplished initially by past life regressions, then I had vivid
      > inner
      > > experiences with Eck masters as well as beings who where not
      > spiritual
      > > masters. They spent a lot of time taking me back to past lives.
      > Back in
      > > the "early days" (1999) of these experiences I would often
      > spontaneously
      > > go to a past life even when there was no one on the inner.
      > >
      > > In the "early days" (1999) the person whom I went to for my first
      > past
      > > life regression was also someone that I had experiences with on
      > > inner. She was there essentially guiding me to a past life
      > it
      > > was somewhat different than the procedure used by her on the
      > physical
      > > plane. On the physical plane I told her about this and she
      > said "Well,
      > > if you are getting help from me on the inner for free, there is
      > sense
      > > paying me on the physical plane to help you." She also told me
      > some
      > > of her other clients have told her the same thing that I told her.
      > > Nowadays, there is still one spirit on the inner that helps me
      > this
      > > stuff, although directly going to a past life is rare now. It's
      > > like I see glimpses of things, I have strong emotions about
      > something,
      > > and eventually I manage to piece it all together somehow. Lots of
      > times
      > > I have a traumatic experience on the physical plane, then
      > immediately or
      > > even days later, I think back to a past life that I am familiar
      > with.
      > > Many times I then go to a healer who uses NET (Neuro Emotional
      > > Technique) to clear things out. I have done way too much of this
      > kind of
      > > thing of clearing out past life trauma and often wonder if it is
      > really
      > > worth it because after awhile it becomes very overwhelming. But I
      > think
      > > it is infinitely more effective than going to someone for a
      > > Readings just give you facts. When you actually go to a past life
      > you
      > > re-experience it firsthand.
      > >
      > > Just a warning, my past-life regressions opened the door on the
      > inner
      > > worlds. Plus, I was going to a massage therapist who was an
      > who,
      > > after the fact, admitted that spiritual masters had come to her
      > told
      > > her "Open him up" meaning open the doorway to the inner worlds.
      > did
      > > what they told her. It definitely led me to some inner
      > but
      > > it also pretty much ruined my outer life. But I'm virtually
      > that
      > > at some level I asked for it to happen so I'm not really blaming
      > anyone.
      > >
      > > I almost forgot to mention something about the lady who did the
      > > past-life reading for me. I had a past life regression with her.
      > was
      > > focusing on a lifetime where I was a 15-16 year old girl in a
      > > concentration camp in Nazi Germany. At one point at the beginning
      > of the
      > > regression, she asked me to remember my name in this lifetime. I
      > didn't
      > > tell her the name at that time though. At the end of the
      > we
      > > had a conversation about what name I came up with. Here is the
      > entry in
      > > my journal:
      > >
      > > **********
      > > Journal
      > > Wednesday, June 14, 2006
      > >
      > > a little after 7:39 PM
      > > We talked a little bit after the regression. She asked me what
      > I
      > > got for myself in this regression for my CC Lifetime. I told
      > her "Eva."
      > > I asked her if she got a name and she said "Yes." She said that
      > got
      > > the name "Elsa." (pronounced "EL-zuh). As we talked I came to
      > out
      > > from her that Elsa is the Germanized form of the Jewish name
      > Elizabeth.
      > > Bingo! Elizabeth is one of the names that I had come up for
      > > {That is, I came up with this name long before this regression
      > > place.}
      > > **********
      > > Note: "CC" is my abbreviation for "Concentration Camp."
      > >
      > > I think that the most important thing that anyone can do is work
      > the
      > > past-life trauma that needs to be healed. I found that past-life
      > > regressions are more valuable than readings because in a
      > you
      > > pretty much become the person who you were. You are directly
      > > experiencing that past life as that person. But I must warn you,
      > that
      > > often you are opening a Pandora's Box. Most people probably don't
      > get
      > > involved in it as much as I do.
      > >
      > > With a past-life reading all you have is somebody telling you
      > something.
      > > You have no idea whether it is true or not.
      > >
      > > An afterthought:
      > > If you raise yourself up to the soul level, there is no concept of
      > > "time." It just doesn't exist. So from that point of view, all of
      > your
      > > lifetimes, past, present, and future all coexist at the
      same "time"
      > > because there is no "time." So if you can raise yourself up to
      > level
      > > of soul, all of your lifetimes are automatically right with you
      as a
      > > reality, so why would anyone need to look for records? So saying
      > that
      > > someone one can read soul records, is obviously from our Earthly
      > point
      > > of view. I'm not sure there are any records on the Soul plane; it
      > seems
      > > superfluous.
      > >
      > > Jonathan
      > >
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