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7125My answer about "soul records"

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  • jonathanjohns96
    Jan 27, 2009

      Your exact question was "Is such a thing even possible?" Uh... My
      expereince hasn't been real good.

      The short answer is...

      Many people claim to be able to read soul records, also called
      akashic records. Edgar Casey popularized the term "akashic record."

      Akashic records at Wikipedia (see discussion about Edgar Casey )

      Mostly, these type of readings tell people about past lives. Most
      people in the New Age movement who do these call them "past life
      readings." They use some method such as going into trance, receive
      information somehow, then tell you about your past lives, hopefully
      with a bent toward telling you how to improve your life or at least
      heal yourself of something. I think some of these readers just go
      into trance and receive information, not even tying it to any
      particular "record" that that are seeing. Many "psychics" hear things
      rather than seeing them. I guess that readings performed by these
      people are as good as the person reading them. My personal experience
      with them is that they are not as valuable as a past life regression.

      To some degree "soul record" and "akashic record" is just an overused
      term that may have little or real meaning. It might just be a device
      that people invented. If you are on the soul plane, everyithing "IS,"
      and is instantly at your disposal. I would see no use for keeping
      records. It almost seems laughable to think that there are record
      books on the soul plane. In the end, it's probably a matter of how
      you choose to look at it. As humans, I don't think we will ever know
      what the Soul plane is like. I'm sorry if this explanation seems
      vague or sounds like another Eckankar discourse.

      I'm certain that Paul Twitchell discussed this in his books. The "Eck
      Vidyia" certainly has a discussion on it. In fact, I heard that in
      Paul's early days he performed "Eck Vidyia Readings" for people for a
      hefty fee.

      I am starting a new topic on "past-life readings" versu "past-life
      regressions." on that post I explian all of my personal experiences
      in great detail. Feel free to read that and make a follow-up post if
      you wish.


      You wrote:
      Could I ask you a question, jonathan? I have always been curious
      about something I read in an eck discouse. in this particular
      discourse klemp states that it is possible to read Soul records.
      What does that even mean? No one would ever tell me; or else they
      gave me bs answers. Is such a thing even possible?

      Thanks, moby...
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