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  • Leanne Thompson
    Jan 2, 2009
      Thank you. It was a car so it was car ma. If I had an SUV it would be SUVma.

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      Subject: [eckankartruth] Re: eckankars non interference policy is .....
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      Date: Thursday, January 1, 2009, 3:35 PM

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      > > Once my car broke down and I was near an eck center. THe ocupants
      > there were not helpping me at all. I thought for sure they would. It
      > wasn't until I called someone  else from where I licve(an eckist )
      > I got help. I thought that the way they did not want to help was so
      > shitful. I blasted minneapolis.
      > >  
      > > Leanne
      > >  
      > >
      > Hi Leanne!
      > I wonder sometimes, does ekult tend to attract people who are
      > uncaring and self-centered, or do the "teachings" lead them there?
      > don't think stories like this are because they're afraid of karmic
      > entanglements. I think that's just an excuse. And can't non-action
      > result in worse karma than helping because you care? Many eckists
      > don't seem to get it.
      > A few weeks ago I found myself in Walmart's parking lot with a dead
      > battery. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!!
      > Thought something was wrong when I left home, and again leaving
      > but figured it just needed me to drive for awhile to recharge it.
      > In the 15-20 minutes while I waited for my son-in-law to arrive with
      > tools, standing next to my car with the hood up, at least a dozen
      > strangers stopped to offer help. And a few more offered to help
      > my sil was putting in the new battery.
      > I'll be back later, a few things I want to post...
      > Happy New Year!!
      > Sharon
      This reminds me of one of my favorite buddhist stories:
      2 monks on a pilgrimage come upon an old woman trying to cross a
      rapidly flowing river. One of the monks lifts the woman, sets her down
      on the other side and continues on the journey. The other monk starts
      admonishing the fellow traveler and telling him how wrong it was to do
      such a thing. The first monk replies, "I but carried her over the
      river. You are still carrying her."

      My brother who has been living in Japan for about 30 years now told me
      of another perspective.
      Hell is being at a banquet table loaded will every food imaginable but
      your chopsticks are way too long to feed yourself. Heaven is the same
      banquet hall with the same chopsticks only you are feeding each other.

      Karma is what you make (of) it.

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