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7063RE: [eckankartruth] Fw: This will blow you away!!!!!!

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  • Harry Seggu
    Nov 1, 2008
      Hey Guys,
      Its an optical illusion...
      We all see but we don't observe and this is what
      happens to most of us in life!
      If you look at the first set of cards you will see
      these combination of cards:
      King of Hearts
      Jack of Clubs
      King of Spades
      Queen of Diamonds
      Queen of Clubs
      Jack of Diamonds
      As you scroll down you will discover that the entire
      combination is totally different, but what 'captures' us
      to believe it to be the case of the missing card is the
      colour combination that fools us.
      You will see these set of cards in the 'missing card' set:
      Queen of Hearts
      King of Clubs
      Jack of Hearts
      Queen of Spades
      and King of Diamonds
      There you go the illusion revealed to you, but a good one.
      P.S. Join me on facebook and be friends. Thanks.
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