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  • Sharon
    Aug 5, 2008
      > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, Rennie Dudek <queenrendek@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Currently my "spiritual" life involves bonding with my cat and
      > working with my plants in the yard and enjoying my family.  Maybe
      > that is what it is about and the rest we can just leave to the
      > Universe. 
      > >  
      > > Queen 
      > >  
      > Hi Queen and all,
      > I snipped your post and left the "spiritually enlightened" part!
      > LOL Because, the truth is, that is what spiritual enlightenment is!
      > (posted by Liz "Whitefeather")

      Hi Everyone!!

      Sorry, I've been neglecting ET as usual, I'm happily elsewhere
      enjoying "enlightenment"! <gg> Right now my 4-year-old grandson and
      I are definitely on one of those "highest" planes - on top of
      the "retired" pop-up camper, which happens to be the only place in
      his yard that gets a lot of sunshine and is relatively safe from
      marauding deer (aka "Pennsylvania Rats"). So, we used the old
      kiddie/turtle pool (oldest grandson & wife reclaimed their turtles)
      to start a watermelon garden, and just yesterday found our first tiny
      melon, the size of a baby pea!!

      Anyway, I figured I might as well post something about a recent
      discussion topic, and I just tried to pop into "messages" in another
      window but I'm told the messages here are not available right now.
      (??????) So, I'll just go from memory here...

      Okay, I've totally forgotten the name you're using, person who's been
      posting that psychic vampirism stuff!! BTW, I just changed your
      settings so I don't have to pre-approve your posts, and also I'd like
      to remind everyone that all members can add links in the "links"
      section here, so would you add yours? I only posted it in a message
      here, which is much faster for me than adding links.

      Anyway, this is a sort of "controversial" subject, energy-stealing or
      whatever. And puh-leeze, this is "eckankartruth" not alien abduction
      or reptilian aliens or any other of that kind of thing, true or not!
      I refrain from having an opinion about stuff like that, although
      personally I'm totally hoping that those "good" aliens will reveal
      themselves on December 21, 2012, and wave their magic laser-beams and
      we'll all live happily ever after!!! <gg> I'd really love to meet
      an alien, as long as there's none of that anal-probe nonsense, in
      which case they can expect me to rip off their tentacles with my bare

      But, that energy-sucking stuff, well, it's something I sort of
      suspected on my own a long time ago. And it sort of goes along with
      my own personal experience as an eckist and an ex-eckist. It's
      probably something I posted about back on a.r.e. years back, but I do
      truly believe that somehow, ekult's "corporate entity consciousness"
      or whatever you call it somehow sucks the life out of at least a
      certain percentage of its members, if not all.

      It's sort of like the membership & book sales profit, only sort of
      not on the physical plane.

      Another thing I noticed when I got out and a lot of people started
      writing to me, it wasn't unusual for people who've had just about
      totally "normal" lives to start up with ekult and then all of a
      sudden, start experiencing "psychic attacks" of one kind of another -
      in fact, this happened to a "newbie" eckist I was rather close to,
      and they ended up falling for the cult's b.s. about how <rolling my
      eyes here> all the forces of the KAL will gang up and do whatever
      they can to prevent someone from getting all that spirichul stuff
      from the original and only true "source", they'd "hu" those darned
      pesky entities away and renew their membership, never even
      considering the possibility that those "attacks" originated from cult

      Anyway, for a lot of the "newbies" reading here, I've been "out" for
      ten years now, I started out as a true-blue eckie at
      alt.religion.eckankar, determined to "save" all those poor deluded
      Souls who'd betrayed the master, and help them to return and not have
      to spend eternity wandering in astral hell. And I've probably posted
      several equivalents of "War & Peace" since then, although I've really
      slacked off in recent years.

      I still get a lot of email. Even recently, I've received emails from
      people who tell me they're experiencing many different degrees
      of "psychic attack" originating from the cult and/or its HIs. Oh!!
      Just remembered something, back when I was still an eckie, there was
      an African eckie on one of the cult's email groups who was accusing
      some HIs of practicing black magic against him. I'm sure most of you
      know that privately, this is a big subject with eckies.

      Another interesting thing I learned, going way back, there was a
      group of eckists who got together regularly to sort of "zap" the
      cult's "enemies", and they weren't sending out peace & love vibes!!
      I believe this was around the time of "Darwingate", when both
      cultmasters were accusing each other of being black magicians &
      telling their particular followers to burn all the other guy's stuff,

      Joe Sykes is, unfortunately, not the "worst case" of this kind of
      thing. You know, for a long time I didn't think it was a good idea
      to publicize his story at all, simply because of the possibility that
      it might put ideas into people's heads and they'd end up somehow
      having "psychic attack" problems that they otherwise wouldn't have

      Some people are more suggestible than others. Some people are more
      imaginative. But...there are also a lot of totally "normal" and
      logical types, a certain percentage where it certainly does seem like
      there's no other reason for "psychic attacks" than the fact that yes,
      it happens. It's real. Maybe not everyone is a good
      enough "receiver" or something, who knows? It's sort of like alien
      abduction - why do those aliens only abduct certain people, most of
      whom would prefer *not* to be abducted?

      Have to laugh, years back my brother and a group of his friends
      experienced a big UFO swooping down on them while they were playing
      basketball. These were just grubby little kids with absolutely *no*
      thoughts or interest in stuff like this, and it was back in the 60's
      or 70's anyway, but another interesting thing is, a few years later,
      two of those same kids ended up with what seems to be an "abduction"
      experience even though to this day, none of them are "believers".

      Anyway, I was sort of jealous, and actually went up on the railroad
      tracks quite a few times (the highest & clearest tree-free location)
      and yelled up towards the sky, "Hey aliens, I'd like to meet you!" or
      words to that effect. Got no response. I'm still waiting &
      hoping...sort of. They weren't interested when I still had good
      eggs, and now that the eggs are all dried up I'm sure the aliens are
      even less interested.

      Anyway, everyone's "ecksperience" is often different, whether you're
      a member or awake & out. It's good when people are able to share
      their personal experiences & viewpoints, from one extreme to the

      Oh, well...gotta get back to "enlightenment"! <gg>

      Hope everyone else is enjoying summer!!



      PS - Alf, love the jokes, post more!! And how about that funny old
      story about Reb?? My personal "Alfie" archives are in storage. <gg>

      Oh - here's one, don't think it's yours:

      First Eckie: Darn, as hard as I try, I just can't get a clear
      picture on my inner screen!!

      Second Eckie: The screen?!? You see the screen?!?!

      (Darn, that's not exactly right - I just vaguely remember it, I think
      there was another one with it about a lost eckie wandering around
      back roads doing vahana work or something.)
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