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7000Re: [eckankartruth] Just joined this group.

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  • Rennie Dudek
    Jul 13, 2008

      Hello R,

      I related to some of your comments for sure.  I think we tend to envy those who say "I have found it!"  And we are still floating around thinking we missed the boat and don't understand how they "found it" and we can't.   (How's that for a metaphor?)  Anyway, 

      I don't know about you, but I think I was more "into" the Eck members that I knew than really embracing Eckankar.  I wanted to feel or believe or grasp it like they did.  By the way, "they" are still in it.  I email a couple of them still but we never talk about Eckankar. 

      I just never really "got it".  I could never do the "spiritual exercises" with any real results or eye opening events.  I actually still use the secret chant word or whatever they called it when you got your initiation.  It seems to center me during hard times.  I don't get it but it works. 

      I went to many seminars and found them non threatening, but to tell you the truth I really could never figure out what the heck Darwin or the current Eck master Harold were really talking about.  I lived it through my friends and tried very hard.  I also went to classes in my area and even set up a little seminar in my town  and read books.  I really wanted to get it but was fooling myself I think.  I was also very shy then and didn't speak up much in classes.  Now they probably couldn't shut me up.  My husband and family were very tolerant of the whole thing and so no harm in looking for something higher than myself.  At least that is what they told me. heh heh.  If you want to chat more about just let me know. Currently my "spiritual" life involves bonding with my cat and working with my plants in the yard and enjoying my family.  Maybe that is what it is about and the rest we can just leave to the Universe. 





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      From: 125 <bkdclove4all@...>
      Subject: Re: [eckankartruth] Just joined this group.
      To: eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, July 13, 2008, 6:11 PM

      Hi there queenrendek:


      I haven't been replying to anyone just reading emails from this group for months, hoping like you that someone would  mention something that I could research and try to find some peace.  So far nothing helpful.  I mostly think alot by myself.  Do some hot yoga, this seems to help some, but I feel like there is more only I don't know how to find it.



      I loved Eckankar while I was in it, then it started to feel wrong?  I tried to stay and get the hang of it, but my old self took over and said get the hell out before you end up in a nut house.




      Here's what I have tried, I got saved - didn't know from what because I didn't feel like I needed saving, but I did it.  Then nothing... I quit church, got to despise it really, so much bs about love and such but I didn't feel anything.  Then they told me I couldn't join anyway because I had to believe 3 things and I didn't believe those 3 things even though I tried to I couldn't.


      Then life crashed down around me and I decided I'd try Eck for a while.  I loved it at first, I thought I could get some real answers about life.  I thought I did, then I realized they just wanted to train me into a higher soul to be of more help to other souls so I could move forward on "the path".  So much bs there too.  Man I tell you I can't find a thing?


      If you just need to write to someone maybe that will have to do.  I don't know.


      Oh I was an Eck member for about 4 years  in 2003 til 2007


      Hopelessly lost in VA


      R Sycamore

      --- On Tue, 6/24/08, queenrendek <queenrendek@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      From: queenrendek <queenrendek@ yahoo.com>
      Subject: [eckankartruth] Just joined this group.
      To: eckankartruth@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 2:20 PM

      I was a member of Eckankar for quite a few years in the 70's and 80's
      when Darwin was there and after. It was a long time ago but it still
      comes to mind. I believe I joined because I had friends who were
      members and was searching all my life for a so called "path". I went
      to classes when they had a center in Eagle Rock. The Lavaneri's were
      very active there and I attended meetings that they lead. I even set
      up a little seminar in my own town. I also went to several out of town
      seminars with friends to Las Vegas, Sacramento, Phoenix and others.
      I wanted to belong because I was always searching for a "path" and I
      had friends who were Eckists and they were very convincing. The whole
      experience was not bad really, but I never really "embraced" it,
      although I think I wanted to.

      This list appeals to me because I am still "searching" for something
      and maybe I could get further insights from the discussions.


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