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  • queenrendek
    Jun 24, 2008
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      I was a member of Eckankar for quite a few years in the 70's and 80's
      when Darwin was there and after. It was a long time ago but it still
      comes to mind. I believe I joined because I had friends who were
      members and was searching all my life for a so called "path". I went
      to classes when they had a center in Eagle Rock. The Lavaneri's were
      very active there and I attended meetings that they lead. I even set
      up a little seminar in my own town. I also went to several out of town
      seminars with friends to Las Vegas, Sacramento, Phoenix and others.
      I wanted to belong because I was always searching for a "path" and I
      had friends who were Eckists and they were very convincing. The whole
      experience was not bad really, but I never really "embraced" it,
      although I think I wanted to.

      This list appeals to me because I am still "searching" for something
      and maybe I could get further insights from the discussions.

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