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6950ECKANKAR's God Realization DELUSION

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  • tygerpurr
    Feb 1, 2008
      This got lost in an earlier discussion, but I think it is still very
      relevant. It is about the Grandiose Delusion that leads down a path to
      despair. Keep blowing up the balloon and eventually it just bursts
      with a loud bang that should wake them up. Unfortunately, many don't
      wake up in eckankult, they stay in a state of trance or a diluted
      existence, hoping some day for the promised delusion that will prove
      to everyone else that Klemp is in fact a godman and they are on a path
      of Higher Initiation into Candy Land. Grandiosity is a path to despair.

      This is from an earlier post, and I think it makes sense. Life is
      already miraculous enough and also hard too. Try losing a little
      weight, and the laws of nature will let you know just how much power
      you have and don't have. I have not met one person who used the so
      "spiritual" method of "THinking Thin", who succeeded. These New Age
      methods don't work when it comes to practical matters. I can dream
      myself thin through Lucid Dreaming, but I still wake up with the same
      belly fat that everyone is struggling with. Give me a break.

      I am not a Saint nor do I claim to be God or
      Self Realized and I think it is a mistake for these eckist and
      execkists to think they are or ever will be. IMHO this is a huge
      inflated "Ego" and sometimes a normal argument of sorts is just the
      right medicine. Opposition when in a state of extreme delusion may at
      times be best. Always being nice may not be the best approach.

      To truly escape ECKANKAR, give up the God Realization Delusion, IMHO.

      Tygerpurr ; )
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