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6943Re: [eckankartruth] Re: Whoa (other paths better than eck?)

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  • Leanne Thompson
    Jan 8, 2008
      Thank you. I hate when they lead one by the carrot (you can have this iffffff you do this for 100 yrs+walk on your knees to work+and eat fried tofu: as an example)
      Dam them. I bough tthe HI books and they read just like any book.
      Thank you

      tygerpurr <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      as far as I'm concerned, any "Path" is better that does not
      involve Guru or Master worship; it is at least a step in the right
      direction. Authoritarian and Deception usually go together, along with
      some kind of Dogma and Absolutism. I'm not saying don't study any that
      you have listed, just be skeptical, imho. As I've said before, asking
      a lot of questions is normal and very human, from childhood on. If
      they get irritated by you asking questions, then it is probably a red
      flag, imo.

      Tygerpurr ; )

      --- In eckankartruth@ yahoogroups. com, Leanne Thompson
      <le_anne_thompson@ ...> wrote:
      > Re: [eckankartruth] Re: Whoa

      Are there any other spiritual paths that are much better than Eck? I
      was looking into Zen, kabbalah, yogananda, skirpal singh, beas/sat
      mant to start. Or are all these BS?


      colleen <colleenmft@ ...> wrote:

      Gail left, from what I understand, around the time
      that Darwin was booted out (or some time before).
      Others here probably have all the information

      I was the CA RESA too, years ago, and I knew Don Ginn.
      I wish both Linda and Don my best wishes in
      discovering themselves and developing their own lives,
      free from dogma.


      --- Leanne Thompson <le_anne_thompson@ yahoo.com>

      > I found out that linda is the CA resa and don ginn
      > stpped aside. BTW, where is Gail twitchell and did
      > she bail out as well?
      > Leanne
      > colleen <colleenmft@yahoo. com> wrote:
      > Hi Tygerpurr...
      > As you have experienced, cults can cause great harm
      > to
      > relationships and families when members and leaders
      > view themselves as the "chosen ones", more
      > enlightened, superior, or "spiritually aware", etc.
      > than those outside the group.
      > The man who recruited me when I was 19 was the man I
      > later married. When I filed for a divorce, I also
      > made the decision to become "inactive" in Eckankar
      > so
      > that I could determine how I could live on my own,
      > without my first husband and away from the day to
      > day
      > activities that had become my life for 7 years.
      > Years
      > later I stopped paying membership. I didn't have any
      > other family members who were involved and this
      > certainly made it easier for me in some ways. As I
      > began to become psychologically free from my
      > dependence to the "master" and the deception in
      > Eckankar, I was able to relate more genuinely and
      > maturely to my family of origin and extended family
      > members. When I perceived myself and others as more
      > fully human, with all our complexities and
      > imperfections, I was able to become more closely
      > connected.
      > It is a loss when one isn't able to have the loving,
      > supportive, and accepting relationship with one's
      > family that one desires.
      > I've known people who have distanced themselves from
      > family members still involved in the cult. They try
      > in various ways to connect, be seen as who they are,
      > and respected, but this may fail to a great degree.
      > So, they may spend less time with family members and
      > accept that communication will be superficial and
      > hopefully courteous. Cultivating a close, intimate
      > (not necessary sexual) relationship with someone
      > else
      > can be a fulfilling alternative. Perhaps some day
      > the
      > family members will leave Eckankar as you did and
      > you
      > can have more in common.
      > Best,
      > Colleen
      > > Colleen, do you have any suggestions on how to
      > deal
      > > with long time
      > > eckists in your family who lie to you or won't
      > talk
      > > to you in an
      > > honest way? Maybe this is typical of the cult
      > > mentality and lack of

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