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6687Re: Klemps a frontman for the corp

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  • tygerpurr
    Jun 10, 2007
      I would agree with you except that Klemp has basically set himself up
      as the corp. No ECKMASTER/MAHANTA no ECKANKAR. He and others may have
      rationalized the whole FRAUD in some way, as do all pathological
      liars, but at a very human level they are manipulators who have
      created a vocation for themselves as a CON and certainly wouldn't be
      doing it if the money went away. THey get away with it by simply
      claiming a false AUTHORITY.

      QUESTION AUTHORITY!!! especially this DUFASS : )

      Tygerpurr ; )

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "zaricen" <zaricen@...> wrote:
      > I have been thinking a lot about eckunkar lately and it's early
      > history and the great con pulled off by PT. And now I honestly think
      > Klemp isn't or hasn't been smart enough to run this large corp. It
      > needs an aggressive CEO to manage itself, someone like Skelsky. Klemp
      > may be just the frontman, the public face the corp puts out there to
      > give it that look of authenticity. Klemp may just be the dupe.
      > Afterall if you've ever read any of his simple-minded "mahanta
      > transcripts" you'd see what a dufus he really is. And who knows maybe
      > his wife Joan writes them, or actually compiles them because that's
      > all they are too is just compilations of his simple-minded talls. He
      > may actually belive himself to be some kind of god. What an ego trip
      > that must be. Then you have all these groupies surrounding him
      > worshipping him as a god, even though they say he is given respect,
      > not worshipped. That's BS. These people think they're in heaven when
      > they get to meet this living god. Wasn't that what the pharohs called
      > themselves? Anyhow I write because it helps me to move on from the
      > damage this false teaching has done to me even though I could have
      > been more skeptical back when I first heard about eckunkar and PT
      > back in "71. I was there at the WWS at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas
      > and saw GT give DG a flower on stage and announce him as the new
      > guru. I thought it was a white flower though, not a blue one. We
      > should have known anyone with the name of Gross or Klemp (reminds me
      > of Col. Klink on Hogan's Heroes) would be screwballs.
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