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6685Klemps a frontman for the corp

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  • zaricen
    Jun 4, 2007
      I have been thinking a lot about eckunkar lately and it's early
      history and the great con pulled off by PT. And now I honestly think
      Klemp isn't or hasn't been smart enough to run this large corp. It
      needs an aggressive CEO to manage itself, someone like Skelsky. Klemp
      may be just the frontman, the public face the corp puts out there to
      give it that look of authenticity. Klemp may just be the dupe.
      Afterall if you've ever read any of his simple-minded "mahanta
      transcripts" you'd see what a dufus he really is. And who knows maybe
      his wife Joan writes them, or actually compiles them because that's
      all they are too is just compilations of his simple-minded talls. He
      may actually belive himself to be some kind of god. What an ego trip
      that must be. Then you have all these groupies surrounding him
      worshipping him as a god, even though they say he is given respect,
      not worshipped. That's BS. These people think they're in heaven when
      they get to meet this living god. Wasn't that what the pharohs called
      themselves? Anyhow I write because it helps me to move on from the
      damage this false teaching has done to me even though I could have
      been more skeptical back when I first heard about eckunkar and PT
      back in "71. I was there at the WWS at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas
      and saw GT give DG a flower on stage and announce him as the new
      guru. I thought it was a white flower though, not a blue one. We
      should have known anyone with the name of Gross or Klemp (reminds me
      of Col. Klink on Hogan's Heroes) would be screwballs.
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