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6659Eckankar Damage Control

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  • Steve
    May 1, 2007
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      Dear Friends,
      I received an email from my ex-eckist friends trying to get me back.

      It reads...
      "What follows is a note from Doug Marman that he posted in a
      discussion forum. Doug is a well-known author about ECKANKAR's history
      ( http://littleknownpubs.com/ ) who turned the tables on Davis
      Lane's "expose." I'm sending this post to people on my mailing list
      who might possibly be interested in his new book. I believe he's done
      more research than anyone in ECKANKAR's history, and is really able
      to "turn a phrase," which is an understatement."

      This book is online and entitled "Dialogue in the Age of Criticism"
      by Doug Marman.

      It is an attempt at damage control from David Lane's writings. There
      is no mention of Confessions of a God Seeker, or any apologies for
      Harold pretending to be God.

      Have a look and a laugh.


      Be well,